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Katarina Andersson

Social Media Strategist, Grapevine Adventures


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Katarina & Grapevine Adventures

Katarina Andersson is a wine writer, wine educator, social media strategist, and translator. She founded Grapevine Adventures, a blog about her wine adventures in Italy. She is strikingly passionate about both wine and social media. She is regularly live streaming wine events.

Being an avid blogger and social media figure is immensely time consuming. It is easy to become overwhelmed and when you’re posting upwards of 50 times a week, it is hard to stay organized.

Katarina decided to start using Lately in order to keep her content organized, track performance across channels, and post consistently to her social media.

Why Katarina chose Lately

Lately helps to generate content that is fresh and unique, which keeps Katarina’s audience interested in what she is posting, while also keeping it organized so she is able to easily refer back to older content and better plan new content. She can track different initiatives with campaign tags and plan the best times to repurpose older content by tracking analytics.

In addition to these factors, Katarina also had wanted Lately to meet the following criteria:

  • Planning: A master marketing calendar that auto-populates in real time.
  • Publishing: A seamless omni-channel social media marketing publishing platform.
  • Organization: A master library that automatically indexes files, videos, links, pictures and more.
  • RSS Feed Manager: Automatically publish your blog posts, podcasts, news articles or any other RSS feed to all of your social media channels.

Katarina Andersson, a Lately user for almost 10 months now, has 24 social media channels connected to her Lately account. She has scheduled over 13,000 content posts to be posted through Lately.

A do-it-all tool, easy to use and perfect for social media & personal brand management.”
Katarina Andersson
Social Media Strategist, Grapevine Adventures

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