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Tara Collins

Director of Communications and Resource Development, RUPCO


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Tara and RUPCO

Tara Collins is the Director of Communications and Resource Development at RUPCO, a provider of and advocate for quality, affordable housing and community development programs aimed to provide opportunity and revitalize communities.

For 36 years, RUPCO’s 501-c-3 nonprofit agency, has created and maintained quality, sustainable housing and rental opportunities, inspired understanding and acceptance of affordable housing initiatives, fostered community development and revitalization, and provided opportunity to people to improve their living standards.

RUPCO prioritizes marketing through social media in order to reach the bulk of individuals they work with. They are active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Tara has struggled with creating new content, repurposing old content, and managing the colleagues that have permission to post on the social channels. In order to rival these and other issues that Tara faced, she decided to start using Lately in order to keep RUPCO’s content engaging, track performance across channels, and post consistently to their social media channels.

Why Tara chose Lately

Lately helps Tara generate social posts from blogs and newsletters related to RUPCO and bulk schedule them out to increase awareness and drive traffic to RUPCO’s website. Further, Tara is now able to preview, approve, reject or edit content by piece or in bulk. The issues that Tara originally dealt with on a daily basis began to disappear!

With Lately, Tara is also single-handedly able to:

  • Automatically store and organize all the content she creates for easy reference and reuse. Tara can search by keyword or phrase and sort by channel, account, post date, approval status or whether or not social posts have been drafted, scheduled or published.
  • Stay organized by Identifying and tagging campaigns with names, colors and a brief description and then filter any Dashboard by Campaign Tag.
  • Keep track of all team member activity, from content created to task completion and more, summarized in real time within Tara’s Dashboard or delivered in a daily or weekly digest straight to your inbox.
  • Automatically collate her entire campaign, including content, tasks, files, graphics, associated contacts, design elements and more, in one click. This is especially helpful when Tara is presenting to RUPCO’s donors.
  • Instantly see all of her analytics across all of RUPCO’s social media channels and their website in a single, whole-picture view. Click through any data point to see the content published that day and analytic detail. Tara noted, “So, with this new campaign that’s going to launch, we are going to be using Lately specifically to track our engagement with these social posts and videos. And it’s going to be a lot easier than going in every week to check the different channels because everything's all right there.”

In addition to Lately’s features, Tara has been especially grateful for Lately’s onboarding and customer success team. Every week, Lauren, Lately’s Customer Success Manager, streams a live how-to video on a specific Lately feature. Tara said, “I think the office hours are awesome. That totally put us more into a power user mode, verses kind of limping along. I love that they’re recorded so if I need to go back and find out how to do something, I’m able to.”

Tara, a Lately user for almost 2 years, has seen her social media marketing transform into an efficient and effective system.

With Lately, we’re now able to launch coordinated campaigns with goal-tracking, calendaring and metrics that deliver, support and validate our message, brand and impact.”
Tara Collins
Director of Communications and Resource Development, RUPCO

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