Lately Social Animal Edition

Are you a wild ‘n’ savvy social media pro that’s gotta be everywhere, all the time? Our Social Animal Edition is designed just for you! A.I. plus everything you need to generate, ehem, ferociously high-performing social media posts AND manage all your channels in one place.
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Social Animal Edition
(Text Only $200/month)
Max 1 user / Limited to 1 dashboard

A.I. + everything for uber-social professionals (a.k.a. armies of one) to scale your individual brand’s social media presence like a BEAST.

  • Artificial Intelligence Social Engine
  • A.I. text autogenerator
  • A.I. audio autogenerator
  • A.I. video autogenerator
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Publishing for up to 5 social media accounts
  • Auto-scheduler (basic)
  • Marketing calendar
  • Content analytics & recommendations
  • Social media performance reports
  • Post prep & tracking links

*All plans come with the standard Lately A.I. text autogenerator that can read and generate social content from any blog posts, articles, web pages, customer case studies, white papers or any longform written content. The Lately A.I. audio autogenerator and the Lately A.I. video autogenerator are available as add-ons for any of the plans above.

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I launched my book with Lately and was #1 on Amazon's global best-seller list by noon. Plus, it’s given me a thought-leadership platform that is now driving incoming calls from new partners and customers.”
David Allison
Founder, Valuegraphics

Ready to Let A.I. Make Your Army of One an Actual Army?