Lately Social Enterprise Edition

Is your company ready to evolve to the next epoch (!) of social media marketing? Our Social Enterprise Edition gives enterprise companies the power to unite and exponentially expand brand messaging, social selling and employee advocacy programs with A.I. 
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Social Enterprise Edition
/power user/month
+$200/month per employee user
‍+$300 for each additional dashboard

A.I. + everything for CMOs & CROs to extend your social media publishing across tens, hundreds and thousands of employee social media accounts.

  • Artificial Intelligence Social Engine
  • A.I. text autogenerator
  • A.I. audio autogenerator
  • A.I. video autogenerator
  • Multi-level Publishing to:
    • Brand/lines of business accounts
    • Sales team member accounts
    • Executive thought leader accounts
    • Digital recruitment team accounts
    • Local franchise accounts
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Publishing for up to 5 social media accounts
  • Auto-scheduler
  • Marketing calendar
  • Content analytics & recommendations
  • Social media performance reports
  • Post prep & tracking links
  • Campaigns
  • Style Guides
  • Approval workflows
  • Dashboards for each account, brand, product, region, etc.
  • Multi-account dashboards
  • Parent-child accounts & multi-user management
  • A.I. keyword enforcement
  • Content syndication
  • Consistency Scanner
  • Parent-child dashboards

*All plans come with the standard Lately A.I. text autogenerator that can read and generate social content from any blog posts, articles, web pages, customer case studies, white papers or any longform written content. The Lately A.I. audio autogenerator and the Lately A.I. video autogenerator are available as add-ons for any of the plans above.

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I switched from one of the well-known scheduling tools to Lately. Lately didn't just change the game, it moved social selling to a COMPLETELY different field of play.
Alexander Low
Founder, Beyond Sales

Ready to Evolve Your Social Media Marketing to Include Employees Company-Wide?