2023 is THE YEAR for AI-generated content (about time… 😂).

With all the chatter about Chat GPT, it’s time to set the record straight about HOW and WHY to use AI. 🙌

If you want to…

  • Connect with customers,
  • Build a legion of fans and
  • Convert more leads…WITHOUT blowing your budget 💸 or undercutting your credibility with a bunch of AI-generated gobbledygook. 😱

Then you'll want to ensure the AI you partner up with is a PARTNER and not some half-assed replacement. 🍑

Cuz that will happen if you choose AI that runs amok, completely UNSUPERVISED. 👀

The RIGHT WAY to harness the power of AI includes humans in the mix – not only because it's ethical but because the results speak for themselves.

AI alone = generic flimflam.

AI that enhances humans = 12,000% increased engagement, 84% time saved, 82% increase in clicks and 98% increase in sales conversions. 🤯🤯


Pro Tips:

  • Use Chat GPT the way it’s intended: as a conversation starter, a jumping-off point
  • Ask it questions to generate ideas related to your customer’s pain points, desires, etc.
  • Vary your prompts, ask for open-ended questions, bullet points, contradictory opinions
  • THEN, match it up with what you know (because YOU are the HUMAN)
  • Use the ideas that fit into your overall marketing strategy
  • Make cool stuff (if you use AI, make sure you review it)
  • Plug it into Lately to spin your hard work into social gold (... you guessed it, even check our work with your own eyeballs 👀)

Don’t forget AI is INCREDIBLY powerful. 💪

And not a human.

YOU are what makes AI effective and special. 💫

PS Don’t believe anyone who says the robots are taking over. 🤖 Because they aren’t.

PPS Don’t work harder, work intelligently. (See what we did there 😉?)

99% of Posts on Social Get ZERO Engagement. Don’t let that be you.

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