Take the Guesswork Out of What to Say on Social Media

Lately’s all-in-one solution uses A.I. to generate the most effective content for scaling your social media marketing and social selling programs.
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The Lately Social A.I. Management Content Platform

Great social media programs start with great shortform content that you can blow out across all your channels and get everyone at your company to amplify. Easy to do once, twice, even three times. But hundreds and thousands of times? That’s where our artificial social intelligence gives you a boost by turning any longform content into droves of social media posts to scale your social media programs.

A.I. Content Writing - How it Works

First, Lately studies what words and phrases best resonate with your target audience by analyzing the social channels you connect to our platform. We then build a writing model based on what we learn and apply this writing model to each piece of longform content that you feed the A.I. brain.  

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Feeding the Lately A.I. Brain

Upload longform content files like blogs, webpages, news articles, white papers, newsletters or any kind of text imaginable. You can also upload audio and video like podcasts, workshops, conference panels, keynotes and more. We'll then automatically transcribe your audio and video files for the brain to ingest.

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Unlock the Gold

In minutes, Lately transforms your longform content into dozens or even hundreds of quotes that our A.I. knows will get you the highest engagement. Users have the opportunity to edit and enhance all quotes, which, in the case of video files, include the matching video clips of the speakers voicing the text of each quote. 

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Social Media Marketing

Accelerates the preparation, approvals and scheduling steps needed to publish droves of social media posts across your channels.

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Social Selling

Ensures messaging is on point as you scale your social media content across sales teams, executives and employees.

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Social Media Analytics

Gives you performance analytics for each piece of social media content and helps you shape your A.I. writing model to constantly improve your shortform content.

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Our A.I. constantly learns from your past social media posts and builds a writing model based on what is most engaging for your audience.

Make it easy to manage, publish and analyze all of your social media content across multiple products, brands, regions, franchises, and users all from one centralized place.

Whether you’re just starting to scale your social media marketing program or you’re ready to extend it across executives and sales teams, we have an edition right-sized for your needs.

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“We use Lately to amplify, dissect, test, and collect feedback on our video library and have seen a tremendous similarity between what Lately A.I. creates as ‘quotable moments’ vs. what our team would pick. Lately’s ability to learn and contextually identify key moments for social media is crucial for anyone who wants to scale their content output.”
May Riu
International Media Strategist, VaynerMedia

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