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Understand How Your Content Performs Across Every Channel

Content is Queen and the quality of every social post matters. That’s why our A.I. Content Writer builds an adaptive writing model based on your branding guidelines and what is most engaging for your audience. You can also utilize Lately’s Social Media Analytics to drastically improve your content. It studies the reach and engagement of every post and gives you recommendations to use moving forward. 

Parent-Child Dashboards

Select which keywords to incorporate into the A.I.’s brain to increase engagement and amplification of social media posts generated.

Word Cloud Recommendations

Select which keywords to incorporate into the A.I.’s brain to increase engagement and amplification of social posts generated.

Key social media analytics software features

Content Reach & Engagement

See impressions and page views across all accounts to assess which content drives the most engagement.

Dashboard Overview

Receive a general overview of weekly changes and updates on all recent activity.

Content Insights

See which keywords in your social media posts get the highest impressions and engagement.

Campaign Reports

See which social media campaigns are most active and driving the most engagements each week.

Parent-Child Dashboards

See a birds-eye view of social media content analysis across regions, brands, products and employees.

Word Cloud Recommendations

Highlights the specific keywords that generate the most engagement from your social media content.

Approval Workflows

Review and approve every post before you schedule it to be published on your social channels.

Optimized Scheduling

Highlights optimal posting times for each individual channel to receive the most reach and engagement. 

Data Export

Export any Lately analytics reports into an excel spreadsheet for additional customized reporting. 

I’m able to report so much more CONFIDENTLY – and WOW, our numbers have improved since using Lately.
Veronica VanJura
Director of Marketing, DCU Center

The Lately social media content analytics solution is designed for companies of every size

Our AI constantly learns from your past social media posts and builds a writing model based on what is most engaging for your audience.

Make it easy to manage, publish and analyze all of your social media content across multiple products, brands, regions, franchises, and users all from one centralized place.

Whether you’re just starting to scale your social media marketing program or you’re ready to extend it across executives and sales teams, we have an edition right-sized for your needs.

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Overall Lately is a homerun. I love that I can create and schedule all my content in about 20 minutes per week."
Michael Oberther
Director of Business Development, Supporting Strategies

Why Lately.AI? Because our AI-generated results don’t muck around.

Generate Social Content the New Way

Stop guessing what to write. Lately’s AI creates organic social media content that it already knows your audience will love.

Social Selling on Steroids

Generate consistent, engaging content that converts high-quality leads for employees who don’t know a dang thing about copywriting.

Unlock the Power of Longform Content

Automatically atomize any longform video, audio, or text into dozens of pre-tested social media posts designed to magnify engagement.

Game-Changing AI Insights

Learn the key words, phrases and values that make up the messaging your brand’s audience actually wants to watch, hear or read.

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