Financial Services

Scale Social Media Content Publishing Across Agents, Advisers and Brokers

Generate Compliant Short-Form Content for Social Media

Whether you work for an investment firm, mortgage company or bank, there are limits to what you can say on social media. This makes it hard to let agents, advisers and brokers manage their own social media presence without running afoul of FINRA issues.

But what if you could generate and approve compliant content up front and then publish it in a controlled way through each person’s social media channels? This would allow you to scale your social media presence and engage more clients and prospects online.

This is exactly what Lately A.I. does for financial services firms. Lately’s A.I. Content Writer turns your existing long-form articles and marketing collateral into short-form content for social media posts.

Lately is an all-in-one solution to scale your social media marketing and social selling programs in a safe and compliant way. Lately A.I. generates short-form content from your existing (and compliant) longform content. Lately also makes it easy to scale your approved social media content across offices, advisers, agents and brokers with controlled publishing.

A.I. Content Generators

Automatically turns any written content, audio files or videos into hundreds of social media posts ready for you to review and publish.

A.I.-writing Model

Our A.I. constantly learns from your past social media posts and builds an A.I. writing model based on what is most engaging for your audience.

Pre-tests Social Media Posts

See which keywords in your social media posts get the highest impressions and engagement

Social Media Post Preparation

Automatically pulls together everything you need for each social media post including the copy, image, tracking links and corresponding audio or video clips – saving you a solid 8 - 12 minutes per post.

Scheduling and Publishing

Once your social media posts are reviewed and approved Lately makes it easy to schedule and publish across all your social media channels.

Advanced Controls

Lets you specify who must review each social media post prior to it being scheduled for publishing.

Content Syndication

Syndication is easy with our Social Selling solution.Simply add employees as users, let them choose from pre-approved social media content, and publish it across their channels in just a few clicks.

On-Behalf-Of Publishing

Lets someone in marketing or sales publish social media content on behalf of your executives and sales teams.

Content and Channel Analytics

All the social media reports you expect to see so you can analyze the performance of your social media content across each channel.

Parent-Child Dashboards

Lets you see your social media content performance across regions, brands, products and employees in a single dashboard.

Word Cloud Recommendations

Shows you which words to incorporate into your social media content to increase engagement and amplification by your audience.

“Millions of people share links to articles that make people click to read the content. Lately’s A.I. autogenerator turns articles into bite-sized pieces to instantly spark thinking by busy people – a MICROLEARNING ENGINE!”
Antoinette Cassavaugh
Mortgage Loan Originator

The Lately Social A.I. Content Platform

Great social media programs start with great shortform content that you can blow out across all your channels and get everyone at your company to amplify. Easy to do once, twice, even three times. But hundreds and thousands of times? That’s where our artificial social intelligence gives you a boost by turning any longform content into droves of social media posts to scale your social media programs.

99% of Posts on Social Get ZERO Engagement. Don’t let that be you.

Overall Lately is a homerun. I love that I can create and schedule all my content in about 20 minutes per week.”
Michael Oberther
Director of Business Development, Supporting Strategies