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Office Hours: Cadence For Social Posts – How to Master the Art of Social Media

Tuesday, September 21st at 2 PM East/11 AM West/7PM BST
They say quality over quantity, but in the social media marketing world posting once a month is the same as not posting at all.

But how do you know how much is enough? Or what is toooooo much? Tune in to our next Office Hours sesh, hosted by Cadi Jordan, and find out everything you ever wanted to know about your social media posting cadence.

Tuesday September 21st at 2 PM East/11 AM West/7 PM UK Time

Cadi Jordan is a respected social media and marketing strategist internationally. With two decades in this area, her forte is in training, coaching and consulting. Her work has seen clients on the NASDAQ, Forbes and taking their brands global. Cadi was born social before social media came to be, and her superpower is the power of human connection. Cadi is a green beauty aficionado and her work has been seen in the wellness space. Cadi is a featured expert alongside Julia McCoy, Dr. Ai Addyson- zhang, Seth Godin and more in the book Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition. When she is not busy delighting her clients or writing, you can find her out in nature with her family and their sweet chocolate Labradoodle, Ozzy.

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