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Each week, we hold a live Office Hours session, open to the public – totally free and totally conversational. Topics span from copywriting tips, social media best practices, how to optimize Lately’s AI like an uber-pro and a potpourri of other things we just feel like talking about. Because, life.


Content Marketing and the War for Attention

Tuesday, August 2nd at 2 PM East/11 AM West/7PM BST
You’ve heard that content is king...but what does that actually mean? Every company has a story to tell (and there are a million and a half ways to tell it). So what’s the best way to share your content? IS there a best way?

Join us as we welcome Andrew Jenkins, social media master and content KING, who will share the ins and outs of social media content and how to stop the scroll. Don’t miss it!

Andrew Jenkins is CEO of Volterra, a professional services firm specializing in social media and social selling strategies. Based in Toronto, Canada, he was formerly the Head of Social Media Strategy for Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and has worked with a diverse list of companies in North America and Europe, including CIBC, Rogers, Bell Canada, InfoSpace and The Aga Khan Foundation. A regular international speaker and panellist at numerous industry conferences and events, he teaches a course on Social Media Strategies for the Enterprise at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies. He is also the author of Social Media Marketing for Business: Scaling an Integrated Social Media Strategy Across Your Organization.

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