Team Lately

Hi, humans. We may not have met yet but we like you already. 💚

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Leadership Team

Kate Bradley Chernis

Cofounder & CEO

A.I.-powered content creation pioneer. Former marketing agency owner with a whole lotta spreadsheets. Ex-XM rock 'n' roll dj. Copywriting savant.

Jason DeBacco

Cofounder & CPO

Graphic and UX designer, specializing in scalable, customer-facing platforms for badass global brands you’ve def heard of. Dachshund enthusiast. 

Brian Sirkia

Cofounder & CTO

Serial entrepreneur. Full-stack engineer. Calm in the storm. Kate’s fave guy to have a beer with EVER. Plus his cat is named Bruce.

Kristen Shedd

Customer Success Manager

Seasoned customer service ninja. Problem solver. Sales, retention, community building. Downhill skiing doyenne. Infectious laugh.

Emma Sereny-Johnson

PR Associate

Organizing whiz. Former TV actor. Competitive horseback rider (yes, a sport; ever been tossed off a horse?). Digs Stones, Steve Martin, and gin.

Steve Blood

Cofounder & Advisor

Serial entrepreneur, angel investor and former CTO. He originally talked Kate into turning her spreadsheets into software a.k.a., it’s all his fault!

Greg Hamel

VP of Engineering

Full-stack engineer and former CTO. Backend architecture, development and implementation. Sanity keeper. Hero. Heavy metal drummer.

Matt Ostrowski

Director of Enterprise Revenue

Cadi Jordan

Social Media Engagement Lead

Connectorpreneur. Marketing and social media strategist. Social selling lead-generation. Empath. Fave game: Two Truths and a Lie.

Andrew Miller

Head of Growth

David Merman Scott

Strategic Marketing Advisor

Marketing humdinger. Joyful insouciant. The New Rules of Marketing and PR author (yep, THAT guy). Grateful Dead superfan.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Entrepreneurial Advisor

Marketing mystic. Chairman of VaynerX. CEO of VaynerMedia. 5-Time NYT Bestselling Author. Looooooves wine.

Chris Breault

Account Executive

Award-winning music curator and rock ‘n’ roll podcast host. Soccer beast. Craft beer aficionado. Kate and Chris go waaaaay back.

Ankit Srinivas

Marketing Partnerships Lead

SaaS Swiss Army knife (marketing, product, customer success, sales). Digs a mean BBQ. Dog-lover. Also no stranger to radio.

Dr. Kaigui Bian

AI Lead

Network Computing Assoc. Professor/Director. Computer Science Asst. Chair, EECS Peking University. Obvi smarter than the rest of us.

Alex Wieser

Social Media Advisor

Copywriting whippersnapper. Digital marketing persona development. Longest serving employee! Her King Charles Cavalier is supah-cute.

Isabel Refford

Intern Extraordinaire

Research, data collection, marketing, copywriting... Plus all the annoying tasks none of us wants to do. And she does them with a MEGAWATT smile.

Peter Schweinfurth

Acting CFO & Board Member

Private equity, hedge fund and startup advisor. VC. Harvard Business School Alumni Angels Member and multi-deal lead. Taco fanatic (like Kate).

Judy Loehr

Product & Partnerships Advisor

SaaS tech veteran (Salesforce + a loooong list of others). Early product build and GTM specialist. VC. Champion of rad female founders.

Alexander Low

Head of Enterprise Sales

Self proclaimed digital Magellan. Youtube video BEAST (go watch them). New puppy parent! Englishman in London.

Andrew Spedick

Customer Experience Account Executive

Expert in all things Stats, Sales and Data! Front man for hip-hop outfit??? Has the most camera ready cat.

Your team is our team.

“The experience we’ve had working with the people at Lately is second-to-none. I hesitate to use the term “customer service,” because they feel more like business partners to us. We truly feel like they are invested in our organization’s success.”
Chris Raftery
Director of Marketing, SCM Connections

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