48 Calls to Action You Can Use Instead of “Check Out"

Stop right there! Before you hit 'em with another tired 'check out' CTA, hear me out. We all know those two little words are about as exciting as day-old oatmeal. Zzzzz.

Presenting 48 fresh CTAs you can use instead of 'check out' to keep people engaged!

From attention-grabbing headlines to interactive calls, this list has something for every situation. Leave “check out” in the dustbin of expired activism where it belongs! Whether you're trying to boost social shares, capture email subs or just spark real conversation, one of these verb-filled CTAs will do the trick where  “check out” always falls short.

It's time to retire “check out” for good and upgrade your calls-to-action with tasty options that'll  get people to take that extra click! After all, it’s called communication, not content!

Below are 48 ideas that we suggest you can expand upon. Customize them in your voice. Add the emojis that make sense for you. Throw in hashtags as needed. Enjoy!

For Engagement

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You just packed your arsenal with 48 fresher-than-fresh CTAs that'll leave people anything BUT checked out. With options like this, boring is banned. Up your user engagement game forever by putting these pizzaz-packed peppersauce pitches to work! 

Oh, AND next time you're tempted to toss in that tired old “check out”? Don't even think about it  – your readers deserve a far more fire user experience! 

Go forth and click-ify with the knowledge that “check out” is officially canceled. Your followers will thank you! 

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