A.I. Makes Social Selling a Breeze

The internet used to just be a bizarre place to watch and send cat videos, remember that? Within the past 20 years it has exploded into the massive space we know today, where some people live online more than they do in the real world. As video killed the radio, social media has demolished the old way of marketing and selling. And it never stays still, so learning how to adapt is key. The newest development? Using Artificial Intelligence.

Social selling is the process of developing relationships as a part of the sales process. What’s an easier way to cultivate relationships like social media? It doesn’t necessarily have to take place online… but friending someone on Linkedin is sooooo much better than going door to door.

So how can A.I. spice this up?

A.I. Stands for “Ahhh… Interesting”

If you know anything about Lately, you know that we use A.I. to turn one teenie blog post into DOZENS of A.I-generated posts. Our mind-blowing A.I. even makes sure these posts are going to KILL with your engagement, because it throws in words that your audience loves.

Cultivating relationships online is as easy as pressing “like” and leaving a comment every once and a while. So wouldn’t you want to give your audience posts they WANT to engage with?

Lately’s A.I. also allows you to track insights and engagement, so if you see something that doesn’t perform exactly how you want it to, use that to teach the A.I.! The robots work with you, not against you… yet.

Quality AND Quantity?

Here’s an example of good social selling using A.I. Say your name is Jane, Hi Jane! So Jane you follow Lately on Twitter and Linkedin. You’re interested in our platform but you’re not sure if you want to make the jump yet, that’s totally fine! Over the past year you’ve seen a new post on the Lately social media every day, and you love them!

You comment every once in a while, and even share some of the posts with your audience. Thanks for that! People from Team Lately respond to your comments, thanking you for your engagement and support. Eventually, someone from the team reaches out to you and since you’ve loved everything you’ve been seeing on the Lately socials AND have a little relationship with members of the team, you decide to go for it!

Thanks Jane, we love you.

Oh We’re Not Done

And ANOTHER THING. The people that make up Team Lately are busy, yes we are. So you may think, “how are they able to respond to all of the comments on their social media?”, and the answer is because we don’t have to spend all of our days writing social copy! DUH!

Lately’s A.I.  is basically the most insane time saver in the world, so instead of staring into the bright void of our computer for hours trying to rack our brains of anything creative, we can use that time to actually connect with customers and audiences.

But don’t get us wrong, we’re still busy.

So let’s go over the main points, with A.I. you gain:

  • Better engagement
  • Streamlines marketing and management 
  • Insights about performance and behavior
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved customer experience 
  • Higher ROI

And you lose:

  • That headache that’s bothered you for years. 

99% of Posts on Social Get ZERO Engagement. Don’t let that be you.

Ready to stop being satisfied with mediocre social posts that don't do jack shizzle?