Cadence For Social Posts – How to Master the Art of Social Media

They say quality over quantity, but in the social media marketing world posting once a month is the same as not posing at all. Gone are the days of sittin’ and readin’ the newspaper with the morning coffee. Now, people need content that is FLASHY and entertaining. Social media platforms are so intensely saturated, it’s important to post enough to gain and keep people's attention – without constantly bugging them.

We’re not saying that you should throw quality out the window and post a tweet saying “hi” every hour, but instead focus on that amazing balance of quality AND frequency. It makes all the difference. Lately helps tremendously with that.

For company/brand social media accounts, we’ve got posting down to a SCIENCE.

We’ll tell you when to post, what to post, and where it should go.


Oh Twitter, what would we do without you? We’ve figured out that you should be posting around 20x a day. This may sound like overkill, but trust that we know a liiiiittle bit about what we’re talking about:

  • 2 tweets should be owned media (your own content), podcasts or webinar – whether it’s video clips or just text, either works
  • 2 owned media tweets of blog or online PR posts 
  • 2 earned media tweets (another person’s content featuring you!) of podcast PR or webinar tidbits
  • 2 earned media tweets of blog or online PR posts
  • FINALLY 6 mixed tweets – think topical, off the cuff, promo type content

For personal accounts you can relax a bit, cut your tweets in half to 10x a day. And you’re good to go! Keep the 6 mixed posts though, they’re just fun, hehe.

Twitter is AWESOME for engagement. It’s super easy for your audience to retweet your content to their own audience (the more eyes you get, the better!). Earned media posts are a great opportunity to thank the people involved, strengthening your relationship with them as well as sharing your audience with their content. A cute little colab, right?


Ok ok ok, Linkedin is probably not the most FUN platform, but it sure is helpful. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account… your brand may as well just not exist (too harsh?). It is insanely important to make sure you’re updating your Linkedin account with new posts. This allows you to connect with like minded folks and send people back to your own channels!

For your company account, you should be posting at LEAST 2x to 5x per week. And like the Twitter posts, you should have a mix of industry news, owned media (podcasts, webinars, all that jazz), earned media (podcasts, webinars, even blog posts) and mixed media (think: promo, topical).

If you’re looking to up the game for your personal account, stick to posting 1x or 2x per day – who you are, and what you’re all about. Don’t forget to spread out the timing! Wait 4-6 hours between posts. Don’t think about simply hitting your quota.

Follow these steps and you’re well on your way to becoming a Linkedin GOD.


Post more than just your fancy (albeit delicious looking) brunches! With the rising boom of Instagram stories, more and more brands are realizing how important it really is! Plus, features like story polls, questions or quizzes are UH-MAZING for engagement. Seriously, don’t question the power of the gram!

Keep it simple, 1x to 2x posts a day and you’re golden. Posts that are consistent and image forward are where the money is… And here is where quality over quantity MATTERS. If there was ever a platform that LOVES share-able infographics: it’s Instagram.


Look, we know you usually just use Facebook to stalk those people from highschool, we do too… But there is some value in posting brand content!

It’s best to post 1x per day (max it out at 5x a week - you don’t need to overdo it here). And mix it up! Make it fun, fresh and implement things in your posts that start a conversation down in the comment section.

What Are You Waiting For? Jump Into Cyberspace!

Now you have all the tools. Good luck on your journey into the World Wide Web, make us proud! And if you ever need anything, team Lately has your back. Love ya! Happy scrolling.

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