Can A.I. Replace Human Writers?

At first, we had video killing radio. Since then, cable television has been phased out and replaced with online media like Youtube and Tik Tok. Are writers the next group of people to get hit by the explosion that is technology? Are robots about to take our jobs? Let's talk about it.

It’s 2021. We know that robots and A.I. can do a bajillion things better than us teenie tiny stupid humans ever could. Try to beat a computer in chess? Yeah, good luck with that one buddy. But can A.I. write full blog posts? Articles? Books even?

Short Answer: Yassssss.

Yikes. Sorry to spring it on you like that. But it's the truth, better to rip the bandage off, right?

The catch is, we have to figure out to what extent A.I.-powered content can replace humans. It might not be hopeless for us just yet!

An Overview of Content-Creating A.I.

Content-Creating A.I. (or Artificial Intelligence, if you wanna sound smart), can use machine learning to write text based on what it is “fed” by writers, developers or, of course, Lately users. While it may seem like it, A.I. can’t actually think thoughts or understand anything on its own but, in our case, it is extremely helpful for, let’s say, generating dozens or even hundreds of A.I.-generated social posts that it already knows will get you the highest engagement, in a matter of seconds. Feel free to read that again.

A.I. content-creation software can also “learn” writing styles by studying your previously published content, augmenting idiosyncrasies and patterns. It can actually sound like you – or any brand – and even use the same keywords or phrases that your audience responds well to. But while it can sound like you, it still isn’t you. It’s a robot. Cold. Inhuman. Don’t forget that.

So what can’t A.I. content-generation tools do? For one, A.I. content-generation software can’t write about things it doesn’t know about. It has to have something to learn from. A human has to feed the A.I. brain. It doesn’t have any imagination. Plus, some human nuances just aren’t pattern-able. Which is key. Robots rely on patterns to execute. Patterns are everything in A.I.-land. Sounds boring and rather uncreative, doesn’t it? Maybe. But that’s exactly the kind of work you want a robot doing, stab-your-eyeballs-with-a-fork boring as all get out, hardass work.

All is NOT lost

Since one of the best aspects of artificial intelligence content creation is its ability to execute that hardass work faster and better than humans ever could dream of, it saves us a BUTTLOAD of time and we’re able to use that time on more important things. Winning!

For example, instead of sitting down at your laptop and trying to come up with 10 social posts from scratch, Lately’s A.I. can make dozens of A.I.-generated social media posts in a matter of seconds, saving you GOBS of time. But this is where the human comes in. The robot just did all that hard cold work. Time to remind it who’s boss and take a close look at what it spat out. Add a tweak here, make an adjustment there. Help the A.I. get smarter. Then go make a sandwich and watch your engagement skyrocket. Because the results of A.I. PLUS humans? This is where the magic happens. Robots on their own = cold. Humans on their own = slow. Together = exponentially more effective.

What Does the Future Hold?

If A.I. were human, right now, it would only be about 3 months old. Not even crawling yet. So don't freak out. A.I. isn't taking over anything soon.

BUT… It is here to stay. Because A.I.-content creation results like 84% less time spent writing, 98% sales conversion, 12,000% increased engagement and 200% more leads are results that don't muck around.

Don't forget, though, those results only happen when the human is part of the equation. So that's the good news: A.I. will always need humans to boss it around. A match made in the heavens, so to speak.

Which means, Writers, relaaaaaaaaax. A.I. is here to make the crummy part of your job go away, so you can go full-throttle with the creative parts. In fact, you can even try it for yourself. Just ask. (From one writer to another, it’s actually a ton of fun.)

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