Don’t Make a Sale. Make a FAN. 🙌

… AKA  why the dripline is your lifeline.

Gird your loins.

Truth bomb time.

Good social media marketing takes time and patience.

GREAT social media marketing builds shared meaning AND reciprocity.

It creates FANS.

It means spreading the good news (yours AND other people’s).

If that sounds FUN (why wouldn’t it?), it’s time to turn on your dripline. 💧

The WHA?

If you’ve never had a sprinkler system or a garden, you might not know what a dripline is.

We see you, city slicker. 😉

The dripline keeps your flowers blooming a little trickle of water at a time.

You never have to worry about going on vacation or working late because you KNOW the garden will always be watered.

The same can be true for your social.

If you’re thinking, that’s nice. I’m interested in sales, not ‘sharing good news,’ here’s  ANOTHER truth bomb for you. 💣

We’re not talkin’ faith, trust, and pixie dust. 💫

Trickling out content breathes new life into your sales conversations.

Why? Because you’re keeping yourself front of mind by sharing multiple posts DOZENS of times over long periods of time.

It piques curiosity — especially when you take the time to boost your customer’s wins, too.

If this sounds like A LOT of work. It’s not, so long as you have the right tool. 👇

Lately is your marketing dripline.

A lifeline that gives you peace of mind.

We drip out content to all of your employees’ accounts or keep it ROCK STEADY on a solo account. 🎸

You don’t even have to be a good copywriter, thanks to our AI insights that learn your keywords, phrases, and values.

Isn’t it time to give Lately a try?

Give Lately a Whirl

99% of Posts on Social Get ZERO Engagement. Don’t let that be you.

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