Dotto Tech Product Review of Lately

Self proclaimed tech geek and entrepreneur Steve Dotto sits down with Lately CEO Kate Bradley Chernis  on his popular product showcase livestream to demo the product, answer questions, and discuss the many things Lately can do.

Confused about exactly how Lately can help your business, big or small? Or maybe you want to know how Lately’s omni-analytics help you learn from past posts? Or do you just want to know if Lately works in spanish?(Hint: it totally does)

Steve Dotto’s got you covered!

As a business owner, entrepreneur, and tech geek, Steve knows a thing or two about the marketing world and all the struggles that come with it. It’s a jungle out there in the marketing world! And he believes Lately makes that jungle a lot less scary.

Solving Writers Block and Other Marketing Woes

The fear of the blank page is a fear everyone has while writing, it sucks! And Steve understands that completely, sharing his own experiences on the struggle to get into a creative mindset

Turns out, “the average person takes 12 minutes to write one social post”, as our very own Kately shares in their discussion. Through Steve’s demonstration of Lately, he is able to show us all how Lately is able to create over 50 possible social posts in a matter of seconds. SECONDS!

Now it’s not a one and done tool, but all you have to do is sift through those recommendations, find the ones you like, and put your own little pizzazz on them to make them perfect! AI + humans = perfection!

Now we get it, marketing as a whole entity is a daunting beast. Things seem confusing and overwhelming almost all the time. But Lately helps ease the confusion by offering things like their Keyword Clouds, where keywords that drive engagement are suggested to you. In a nice little cloud shape too! Not so scary anymore, right?

“See the Tree from a Forest”

Brilliantly put by Steve Dotto himself, he highlights the importance of having fresh eyes on a blog post or social post. When working closely with a project it is hard to be able to look at it from an impartial/third party point of view. That’s where Lately comes in!

A sort of life hack you can use with Lately is to run your blog post (or other long form media) through its system to see what the AI picks out as the most important bits and BOOM! Now you know what you should focus on, cut out, and elaborate on! Easy peasy.

See? It’s not as scary as you might think. And that’s not all of what Steve and Kate discussed! Listen to the full product showcase HERE

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