FOMO for Copywriting - How to Leverage Urgency in a World Where “Live” is Less – Lately Live with May King Tsang

FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out, plagues us all in some way. Whether you miss out on an event, don’t get invited to a gathering, or forget to watch the finale of that one show all of your friends are talking about, we all feel it in some way. The wonderful May King Tsang has discovered a way to use that feeling to her advantage, implementing it into a marketing strategy to push prospective customers over the edge to purchase. She sits down with our Kate to let us in on this fun (and effective) strategy.

Most people hate the feeling of missing out. We want to be in the know at all times! So if we see people gushing about a new MUST HAVE product or service, we’re gonna want to know what’s up. You can learn how to use that feeling to generate so much FOMO around your product or service that people decide they can’t stay in the dark any longer and have to see what all the fuss is about!

Convert the Lurkers

We all have those people who might interact with us on social media every once and awhile, like our pictures and comment occasionally, but won’t commit to actually purchasing our product. These people are our lurkers. We love our lurkers, don’t get me wrong, but we need to help guide them into pressing that beautiful “purchase” button, even if they are a little hesitant.

One way to do this is to generate as much FOMO as possible! Make those people think, “WOW, I’ve got to have this.”

Help these little anxious fellas take the next step in your relationship with them, it’s ok to get cold feet before making a commitment! We’ve all been there ;). Make them see that your product IS something they need in their life AND make them fear the jealousy that could come along with seeing friends use your product knowing they are still too scared to purchase. That sense of urgency will help them go from lurkers to full on customers.

How to Generate FOMO?

It’s easier than you think, start by throwing out some teasers! Give everyone a little taste of what makes you and your business so great.

Put the FOMO energy into your writing! Write as if you’re in a secret exclusive club, a club that only the cool kids can join, even though it isn’t exclusive at all. And don’t tell people everything! Leave a little to the imagination, right?

To get people really excited about you, show more of your personality online. Let people see the real you. You can do this by going live, or posting more “behind the scenes” tidbits from your daily life. Show who you really are as a person so people get to really know you.

At the same time, show yourself as a business person so they get to see how good your product or service is.

Now listen up, just as May King says, don’t give away all of the secrets up front. You’re going to have to work a little to get all of the juicy details! Watch the Lately Live with May King Tsang here:

Learn More About May King Tsang:

May King Tsang is the FOMO creator and a professional live tweeter (and professional tea connoisseur). She helps events and companies build excitement and hype around their product, service, or event that helps them reach new people and make massive sales. She is just a ball of joy and energy (and a brilliant mind may we add). Find out more about the lovely May King here:

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