Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends: How to Use Employee Advocacy to Strengthen Your Social Media Presence.

We all know that more engagement on social media posts means the post will attract more eyes, right? The problem is, putting money behind a post to boost it is… expensive, and you can’t go around making hundreds of fake accounts with hundreds of fake emails. So what’s a business to do? Turn to your employees, DUH! 

Whether a brand does an employee social media takeover day, has its own employee hashtag, or simply incentivises its employees to retweet the brand’s tweets… the employees control it all. Power to the people, yo!

Teamwork REALLY Makes The Dream Work. 

Look, there are a lot of different ways to incentivize your employees. Gift cards, raffles, tropical cruise vacations (ok maybe that's a long shot), you can try it all. But at Lately, our biggest incentive is that everyone who works for this company really believes in its worth. And that makes ALL the difference.

If your brand, product, or service is backed by people who really believe in its greatness, your employees will want to spread the word and do everything they can to get it in the hands of the masses! And if your company culture is one that's full of acceptance, love, and one goal of promoting your “baby”, those involved will want to help. Believe us, it’s how we do it!

We’ve all had jobs we hate… maybe it was that fast food job in high school, or that babysitting gig you took with kids straight from Hell? Whatever it may be, those environments would not promote amazing employee social engagement. So create a space and a product that your employees are proud to represent!

So What’s Next?

After you’re all one big happy family (for the most part), what steps can you actually take? I’ll speed through some ideas for ya, but don’t you DARE be afraid to get creative!

  • Establish a set of social media guidelines… Let's keep everything PG and friendly, capisce? 
  • Create separate social media platforms dedicated to showing WHO is behind the brand.
  • Start a hashtag so employees can shout the brand out casually.
  • Do things to help the community you’re in! You’d be surprised at how much giving back will actually help you. 
  • DO NOT force employees to post, pose for a camera, or speak unnaturally positively… that can get creepy and will definitely translate poorly to your audience. 
  • Start a competition! Maybe the person who shares the most posts on social media gets a gift card or a prize of some sort, even bragging rights could work if your team is especially competitive. 

How Can Lately Help?

Ok ok, now something we all love to talk about… OURSELVES! 

With the amount of social posts Lately helps you pump out, employee advocacy is easy! If one video/blog/podcast gives you 20 social posts, and let's say you get at LEAST one of those out a week… without doing any math whatsoever, that's a whole lot of likes, comments, and reshares, baby! 

Having an employee take over socials for a day? Lately can help you get the news out to every platform so your audience can meet this employee you love so much. You can even use Lately’s Omni-Analytics to track how successful your special employee hashtag is!

Anything you can do, Lately does it better (with your help, of course *wink*). From one company that relies on their employees to drive traffic to another, you’ve got this. 

Ready to start generating more effective social posts with AI?