Getting to Grips with Omni-Analytics

You: *staring at graphs, nodding and stroking chin*

Real you: “What the heck do these metrics mean?!”

A familiar scenario, am I right?

Sometimes, the amount of metrics you have to keep an eye on feels like you’re staring at the controls of the Millennium Falcon.

When you’re trying to get a handle on social media management, can’t it all be a teeny bit easier?

With Lately, our Omni-Analytics tool means you don’t have to flip between software packages or natively check social/web channels to see what’s goin’ down and how your content’s performing.

You’ll see a single, whole-picture view, so you can quickly AND easily toggle between metrics, campaigns and channels to track social success.

Maximum visibility, baby!

Metrics, eh?

When you enter Omni-Analytics, your life will change foreverrrr…well, that and you can pull in all your social performance stats and web data about every post you publish. And you can filter it all by campaign and channel.

Everything in one place! Streamlined, in-depth knowledge at your fingertips, boom. Feeling powerful?

For starters, to toggle through your data, we group together your social impressions with your website pageviews as one metric view.

So, what are Impressions?

This is how many times your content is displayed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone’s seen your content, but they’ve had the chance to, as it was sent to their feed.

Impressions can be made up by people having content on their feed on different devices too or seeing a friend share the same content, so one person can cause several impressions. This is the same with website pageviews too, it can be one person visiting a lotttt.

Reach is different – this tells you how many people have actually seen your sparkling content with their bare eyes. Generating better reach means that you’re creating more awareness. Impressions will often be a lot bigger than reach.

Reach and impressions get your content in front of people, with a view to getting them to take, as our good friend Elvis would say, a lil more action.

And Engagement and Session Views?

Omni-analytics gives you real-time data on how customers interact with your social posts aka engagement stats. Session view is how long a user active on a webpage.

Is your audience engaging with your content and how do you know? Posting content is your business’ way to start a conversation and deliver something like a super useful blog post.

Each social channel has its own ways to measure engagement, so you’ve gotta dig deep and compare. Luckily, we make it so simple with omni-analytics to quickly notice patterns and click-through to data-points.

You can toggle through to a specific social channel and see how your content’s getting on.

For example – on Twitter, you can track engagement responses by looking at big factors such as likes, @mentions and retweets or use a branded hashtag and see how branded keywords performed. You can see which keywords are performing well across your content and Lately can suggest which ones to use. This can lead to co-marketing with influencers and user-generated content campaigns.

Here are a few differences between engagement metrics on big social channels:

  • Twitter: Direct Messages, Likes, Retweets, Mentions, Organic Impressions, Links Clicked, Replies
  • LinkedIn: Impressions, Clicks, Likes, Comments and Shares
  • Facebook: Organic Likes, Paid Likes, Mentions, Impressions, Post Engagements, Links Clicked, Reactions, Comments and Shares
  • Instagram: Likes, Comments, Direct Messages, Reactions to stories, Engagement per Media and Most Engaged Hashtags

Which social posts are causing spikes and why? Does certain content do much better on some channels than others – you can click through and jump into the native post and see specific engagement stats, which cuts down loads of time that you’d be spending endlessly shifting through software and channels.

Pick on individual data points and hone in on precise sources, which will give you data for individual social channels, instead of all of them.

You can also see which content is doing best and some of the engagement characteristics trends, is it text based links doing well? Attachment and text? Text and Link? And you can take a look at Day of Week and Time of Day performance to garner more insight too.

One of the coolest parts is that you can export any part of your analytics too, to share your marketing magic and wisdom with important playasss in your team.

Try Omni-analytics

Instantly see all of your analytics across all of your social media channels and your website in an awesome single, whole-picture view. Click through any data point to see the content published that day and analytic detail to go with it to help you succeed with your marketing goals.

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