World’s Most Valuable Skill? HOT Copy. 4 Rules To Improve Your Writing In Record Time

While your competitors spend hours learning outdated copywriting, you will STAND OUT. Here are 4 HOT Copy Rules to convert higher and SAVE YOU 100s of hours.

While your competitors spend hours learning outdated copywriting, you will STAND OUT. Here are 4 HOT Copy Rules to convert higher and SAVE YOU 100s of hours.

The world’s most valuable skill? HOT Copy.

No one wants your lukewarm noncommittal milquetoast.

We'd go so far as to say you need PHAT* copy (*Pssst... PHAT = Pretty Hot and Tempting 😏).

Unfortunately, our teachers didn't do us any favors.

Did you know U.S. companies waste $400B on bad writing EVERY YEAR? 

Plus another $3.1B on remedial writing training!?! 

That’s A LOT of money that doesn’t prepare you for how to write in 2022 (and beyond).

While your competitors spend hours (and tons of money) learning outdated copywriting, you have the opportunity to STAND OUT.

Here are 4 HOT Copy Rules that will SAVE YOU hundreds of painful hours (and thousands of dollars 🤑) honing your copy:

Rule #1: Write Like a BOSS

Confidence, confidence, confidence.

How many times have you heard: it's not WHAT you say... it's HOW you say it? (Thanks mom 🙄.)

The same is true about your writing.

Attention-grabbing copy forces the reader to STOP what they’re doing and listen to YOU.

How do you do that? Confidence. 

You know waaaaaay more than your customers. Write like it.

Words to AVOID 👇

  • Need
  • Think
  • Just
  • Probably
  • Maybe
  • Possibly

Those words are weaksauce.

Write like the boss you are with a side of click worthy positioning and results 👇

Rule #2: 🚫 Check Out 🚫

Seriously. NO ONE wants to 'check out' your blog post. NO ONE.

People have no idea what's in it for them if they were to Check 👏 It 👏 Out 👏

Even if you sell checkout counters to grocery stores, there's no excuse for CHECK OUT.

Fundamentally a call-to-action is:

The ONE THING you want someone to DO.

No one has time to decipher code.

Spell it out in terms they understand.

  • Use active verbs
  • Make meaningful comparisons
  • Deliver WHY it's important on a silver platter

This could EASILY be a ‘hey, read this, it’s cool, check it out’ post. Instead, Kate drops an Ann Handley comparison and tells readers WHY it’s important 👇

Rule #3: Read It Out Loud

Awkward <> Trustworthy

Save yourself A LOT of heartache. Read it OUT LOUD before hitting publish.

If it feels awkward saying it, it FEELS awkward reading it.

When it feels awkward to the reader, they don’t trust you.

  • Write like a human
  • Use familiar words
  • ... PS it's a GREAT WAY to catch mistakes

Want to stand out? Make it REAL 👇

Rule #4: Get an Assist 🏀

What made Magic Johnson so... MAGICAL?


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Now THAT’S pretty hot and tempting.

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