How to Market an Online Conference

50,000 people standing 6 feet apart, masked up in a stadium? Not happening. But online conferences are not exactly new. It’s just that now, it’s the new norm.

In fact, the idea of rethinking conferences altogether is a bit behind the times. I mean, raise your hand if you’ve been to a conference that doesn’t do the same thing year after year. Hellooooo. And also, who’s really only going for a mini-escape on the company dime? Riiiiiiiiight.

Not surprisingly, the marketing of conferences – whether in person or online – is also woefully dinosauric; every conference you can think of has CONTENT OUT THE WAZOO that’s talked about once (at best) – only to be tossed aside into a vast cemetery of wasted effort. (Think: interviews, panels, keynotes, yada yada.)

It’s time for both to catch up.

New Mindset. New Marketing.

The old way of conference marketing was “in-the-moment”; now, now, NOW. The urgency. The FOMO. But no one in their right mind is going to sit on their yoga-pants buttinski watching umpteen Zoom meetings all day for three days.

Which is why the new way must be “after-the-fact.” As in, Replay City.

Like TV and radio, people don’t have to consume conferences live – they can binge, later. And more importantly, they want to.

How to Give the People What They Want.

It’s not just a matter of putting content online for folks to digest at will. It’s about binge marketing it to them, so that not a drop of gold gets wasted.

First, when creating longform content (interviews, panels, keynotes, even blogs or online articles) STOP thinking of it as a one-time use. Program what you produce to be as evergreen as possible. Plan for it to be legacy content so that whether somebody consumes it today or in five years, there are still magical nuggets that shine.

Second, once your content has been published, mine it for that freakin’ gold! Transcribe every speaker event. Find the golden quotes throughout. There will be hundreds. Use ALL of them. Match up the audio or video clips with each quote and turn into droves of social posts to continuously drive traffic back to the original overtime, FOREVER.

Because if they’re going to binge watch, you’ve got to binge market.

Whoa. This Sounds Hard.

It IS. I mean, that’s a whole heckuva lot of manual labor. Blahrg. Plus, how do you know which quotes are any good? Feels kind of random….

Enter Lately, whose artificial intelligence uses legacy content (like podcasts, videos and blogs) to learn what your audience cares about and then builds a writing model based on what it learns to automatically create – you guessed it – droves of social posts. Huzzah!

But they aren’t just social posts. They’re social posts with matching mini- video or audio clips that have been automatically tested and proven to resonate with your audience – so you can stop GUESSING what to say.

Here, watch. But hold onto your eyeballs. Because they’re about to pop out of your head:

But Wait There’s More.

Lately’s AI doesn’t stop there. It’s also able to create original content based on what it’s learning (currently in super top-secret beta). Like the way Netflix learned what we all wanted to watch? And then used that data to recommend relevant content, based on what it learned? And then used that data to create original content, that’s now the most-watched on its platform? YASSSSS.

Is your company adapting to the new norm? Because if they’re not leveraging AI to discover and predict what your customers care about and publish that gold out into the world with the same power of the biggest, baddest marketing agency in the world- the dinosaurs are coming for you. Just sayin’.

99% of Posts on Social Get ZERO Engagement. Don’t let that be you.