How To Use Artificial Intelligence To Skyrocket the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Calendar - Ann Smarty of Viral Content Bee Interviews Kately from Lately.AI

Ann Smarty is an SEO master, Internet Marketing Ninja and an overall social media badass. You know we LOVE powerful women, so we’re thrilled to share how Lately generates content with artificial intelligence. 
So stick around if you want to hear the path to A.I. generated social media posts from our very own marketing genius and CEO Kate Bradley Chernis. Or we can just keep it a secret… but we’re not THAT mean.

So… How did you become a digital marketer?

We all feel kind of born into the marketing world at this point, don’t we?

How many digital marketing CEOs can you say were a rock ‘n’ roll DJ BEFORE they took on the marketing world? Probably just one. Kate’s last gig was broadcasting to 20 MILLION listeners on Sirius XM… that's a whole lotta people with a whole lotta ears.

Back in those days, MySpace ruled the interwebs. Remember the days of sprucing up your page? Yeah… we don’t either. Kate remembers being at SXSW back when Twitter itself was unveiled, now we can’t go a day without checking what's trending. She was one of the first people to actually “get” how to use Twitter as the 3rd voice in the room… including all of the “audience” in the conversation. COMPLETELY breaking the 4th wall.

Major breakthrough.

She started incorporating the idea into her on-air style but didn’t realize the massive power it wields. Not until Kate started learning about the Neuroscience of Music.

Each time your brain hears a new song, it automatically accesses EVERY song you’ve ever heard before. In a split second, nostalgia, memory and emotion flood your consciousness. Meanwhile, your brain is scavenging around for familiar touch points. Nostalgia, memory and emotion combined are all key triggers of “trust” in order to index that new song into your memory banks.

Enter people speaking: your voice - EVERY voice has a frequency… like a musical note or a song. When you read text, you hear the voice of the author inside your head. Just like a rock ‘n’ roll DJ, it’s the writer’s job to give the reader familiar touch points in order to sell you something new.

Lately studies familiar touch points using A.I. generation tools in order to create a writing model and then applies this writing model to transform longform content into something new. Get it now?

Even though Kate was the only person holding the mic, radio is a 2-way street because it’s the DJs job to make you feel like you have a voice. Building this trust is how you turn listeners into FANS and customers into EVANGELISTS. And yes, there’s a big difference.

Fast forward a few years and Kate owns her very own marketing agency. Who was one of her first clients? Ever heard of Walmart? She built them an insane digital marketing spreadsheet system that got them 130% ROI YoY for 3 years.

Let’s repeat that just so it sinks in. 130% ROI YoY FOR 3 YEARS.

In this crazy process, she learned that problems plaguing the world’s largest retailer AND all of her other smaller clients had the same problem. They hated writing. And that's how Lately was born.

What is a Social Media Calendar and Why is it Important?

A social media calendar is a combination of both schedule AND cadence of how often you should post on each channel. The cadence is key. And that's the part most people are bad at!

The #1 question we get from both our largest and smallest customers is “How often do I post? When do I post? And where?”

If we think back to radio, we used to play you the same song at LEAST 300 times each week, just hoping you would hear it once. Quantity MATTERS.

Folks still have this weird misunderstanding the whole world will scroll past their single Tweet at any given moment… when we put it like that it sounds really silly, doesn’t it?

Quality rules. And that's a total pain… but it's the QUALITY that people are terrible at. That's where artificial intelligence comes in.

How Can Lately.AI Help in Creating Great Social Media Content?

Lately’s A.I. learns the voice of any brand or individual and generates dozens or even HUNDREDS of social posts in that voice, from any kind of longform content (text, audio, video). Lately’s A.I. content creation software studies what keywords, phrases and sentence structures will get you the highest possible engagement and dices up your longform content into social posts.

Quantity AND Quality. Ta Daaaahhhhh!

Talk About the New Video Creation Tool!

Without tooting our own horn, the Lately A.I. video generator is the shizz! Just imagine dozens of pre-tested, mini movie trailers automatically made to promote any podcast, webinar, conference panel… etc.

First, Lately studies the analytics of any social channel you connect to its brain and it builds a writing model based on what it learns will likely result in the highest engagement. No more stressing about if your post will get views or not! Now, it's a guarantee.

After this, Lately transcribes the video, searches the text for the most interesting quotes it knows will get you the most likes, comments or reshares and clips up the video containing those quotes. Yes, really! You can pick your jaw up off the floor now.

What is the anatomy of a successful social media update? How to make more of them?

There’s only 2 objectives for all social media posts: click and share. And don’t get us wrong, clicks are hard when you’re a small business because people don’t trust you enough to click that link!

The exception: any kind of How-To content. Everybody clicks the living daylights outta that.

Shares get waaaayyy easier because shares are about ego. People share your content because they get credit for it, by default. You make THEM look cool, win-win.

Remember in college when a friend brought you new music, then you shared it and were given mad props for being the taste-maker? A shareable social post runs on the same fuel.

No matter what your objective is, all effective writing comes down to emotion.


Rule #2: Make them react - in order to buy, click or share, they have to feel emotion. Emotion is the #1 driver. Copy that triggers an emotion beats the hamburglars outta everything else.

You’re probably already planning out what you can do with all the time Lately will save you, so take a peek at our website and try out a demo! It’s easy peasy and can only help ya.

99% of Posts on Social Get ZERO Engagement. Don’t let that be you.

Ready to stop being satisfied with mediocre social posts that don't do Jack shizzle?