How to Write Like the Boss – Kately’s Writing Rules

Whether you’re an accomplished CEO or a fresh-faced intern, knowing writing skills that WORK is a skill you need to know. And writing for social posts and for marketing ventures is NOT like the writing you did in school, you don’t need MLA format here. Good writing is at the core of EVERY successful social endeavor, so if you wanna see what works for us (through lots of trial and error) follow along to learn how to write like a BOSS. Both literally and figuratively.

As is true for most aspects of life, confidence is EVERYTHING. A good, confident attitude gets reflected in your writing and translates to your audience. And truthfully, it’s not about what you write, but how you write it. So technically could you sell snake oil successfully with good writing and a confident attitude? Probably… but we don’t advise you to do that.

Here’s an example, if you came across a Lately tweet that said something along the lines of,

“Trust us, there is absolutely NO WAY for you to write a good social post if you aren’t always using Lately."

Is this true? No, no it is not. While you can still totally write social posts the old-fashioned way (even though without Lately they’ll probably just take WAY longer to craft and be less effective engagement-wise) it's still POSSIBLE. Framing stuff in a confident, no BS tone of voice automatically gets people interested in listening to you (and more importantly interested in RESPECTING you).


Were you ever told to do a superhero pose before a big event to trick yourself into being more confident? Writing like a boss is kind of like that. Write like you own EVERYTHING. Be unapologetic, be bold, be a BOSS.

This is especially important for our businesswomen, as women in business have a tendency to insert a bunch of “sorry to bother you” type sentences into their conversations. Sometimes you just gotta fake it till you make it! Act like YOU are the authority.

“Hi Jim, there was an error in the last blog post, let’s get that fixed by the end of the day. Thanks” sounds a LOT better than:

“Oh hi Jim sorry to bother you but I think there might have been a tiny issue in the last blog post you just wrote but it could totally be my fault and I may be totally stupid and wrong and if thats the case im so sorry for wasting your time and sorry for this long message because it’s probably also wasting your time but if you don’t mind just taking a peek at that and maybe fixing it today if you have time and if not if you just do it at somepoint whenever you have a second but also if it’s too much or too stressful its totally fine ok thanks so much so sorry for this love you”

See how that works?

WEAK words

And finally, here are a few words to strike out of your vocabulary ASAP:

  • Need
  • Think
  • Just
  • Probably
  • Maybe
  • Possibly

And look, this doesn’t mean you have to talk and write like a RUDE boss, but if you act like you deserve respect, the chances are higher that you’ll actually receive that respect you deserve. 

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