Announcing a New Relationship

Attention! A budding relationship has just stepped onto the scene, take this as a tentative save-the-date pamphlet for an eventual wedding. And listen, this isn’t like any regular relationship. This relationship is in a constant state of the Honeymoon Phase. It’s two powerhouses coming together and creating absolute MAGIC. No arguments, no petty fights, just pure bliss. What is this perfect union, you may ask? Well…

Lately x Hubspot!

We’ll give you a second to let that sink in. *cue elevator music*

Ok… Freaking out yet? Because we are! This holy matrimony has made the social media world SO much easier for you. Think: Lately’s social media A.I. content management PAIRED WITH the world’s leading marketing platform for small and medium sized businesses? And yeah, that’s a lot of words so let me put it simply. One awesome + More awesome = THE MOST AWESOME.

Now that’s our kinda math!

Let’s Get this Started

We’re gonna start with models, no not runway models… and NOT Instagram models either. Writing models! As it always does, Lately’s A.I. studies the words and phrases that your audience responds well to (which means your engagement is going to be off the charts). When paired with Hubspot, the A.I. will go through all of the social accounts you have linked to Hubspot and be able to hone in the words that your audience across ALL platforms love.

Lately then constructs your personalized writing model based on what the A.I. has learned from the content you have already posted. By doing this, your brand voice stays consistent which is important for soooo many reasons. The writing model is then applied to all of the longform content you feed to the A.I. monster. And our A.I. isn’t like Gremlins, you CAN feed it content after midnight, you can feed it whenever you want!

Om Nom Nom Nom

Oops, ignore those sounds of our A.I. eating all of the yummy content you’ve fed it! To take care of your new pet A.I., you have to know what it’s diet looks like and how often you should feed it. And don’t worry, “pet care” is easier than you’d think.

When you upload a file, Lately is able to transform that long form content into dozens (or even HUNDREDS) of tested miniature headlines. If you’re using long form video content, Lately can even include matching video clips! I mean, how perfect is that?

Let us clarify, you can feed your A.I. almost any type of long form content, owned OR earned. Think: Blogs, webpages, news articles, white papers, newsletters… hell, even a long save the date for a baby shower you aren’t planning on attending COULD be thrown into the mouth of our A.I. generator.

Wondering if you can feed it audio or video? Totally works! Podcasts, video workshops, conferences, panels, keynotes, you name it! Want to pirate an episode of Breaking Bad and turn it into social posts? Don’t do that… no one needs that.

Now that you know what to give the A.I., let's talk about what it can give you in return.

Now What?

So you’re all done feeding the A.I. all good types of longform content, what’s next? Lately’s A.I. will come up with about a ba-jillion social posts (that's a real scientific number) for you to sift through and add a human touch to! While A.I. can do a whole lot, it isn’t human, so you have to add your own kind of authentic flare to each post to make them absolutely perfect.

And don’t you fret, it’s easy to review and edit the posts and the approval process for all of the content generated! The best part? The more you edit your posts, the smarter the A.I. gets. It’s kind of like you’re living in the future.

Final Step to Greatness

So all of your beautiful social posts are done, simply send the selected posts to Hubspot! Clicking the “Send Selected Posts” button will move all of your brand new A.I. generated content to your Hubspot account. There you can schedule and publish allllll of your social media channels as you usually would by using HubSpot! And there you can track and analyze the engagement!

Easy peasy!

Now, What Are You Gonna Do With All That Free time?

Since you don’t have to worry about spending hours and hours creating awesome social posts, don’t have to google “how to raise engagement”, and don’t have to worry about clunkily copy-and-pasting social posts into each social channel… What are you gonna do with your time?

Start a non-profit? Save the pandas? Take up basket weaving? Whatever it may be, let everybody know by throwing up a post on your socials using Lately and HubSpot. Now go and be great!

99% of Posts on Social Get ZERO Engagement. Don’t let that be you.