Lately Live with Mike Vardy – Why the Productivity You Think You’re Achieving is Shooting You in the Bum

Mike is an author, podcaster, and a productivity and time management strategist. He has developed a masterful way of scheduling his life, to optimize productivity. If you follow his method, you’ll never wake up wondering what you have to do today. You’ll be able to look at your schedule and just know!

A Daily Theme.

While Mike’s way of scheduling can seem confusing at first (even more of a reason you should listen to his episode of Lately Live), he breaks down simple ways we can all change our habits and become more productive. One of which is giving each day a “theme”.

He describes it by saying, “”When you have a daily theme, it gives you this ability to kind of, when you wake up in the morning not go “What am I going to do today?” Which is a huge open ended question, right. Instead you’re like, “Okay. What day is it? Oh it’s Tuesday. Tuesday is my looking day. Okay, great. What looking tasks and I’m going to do?”And it also gives place for those tasks to land”.

Using that model, you don’t have to ever wake up unsure of what you need to get done that day, because each task you have to do has its own day for it to land. And those designated days you only have to worry about the tasks you put for that day, which makes getting lots of stuff done less intimidating.

Makes you wonder why you’ve ever been doing things differently, right?

How To Break Down Your Workload.

This is another aspect of his scheduling that Mike stresses the importance of. Tasks that can take hours can be easily broken down into smaller parts, making it wayyyyy more manageable. You’ll be less likely to want to procrastinate on a project if this one small part only takes a few minutes.

“But how do I do that?” Great question, it’s actually easier than you think.

As Mike explains it, “You can say, “Alright let me look at this project, let me break it down to its smallest particles and then let’s look at the to do list by. Okay. I’m going to be going into Microsoft Excel, what are all the things I can do in Excel, which spans multiple projects right, what are all the things I can do when I go into social media?” So then you’re going into social media mode or Excel mode.”

So everything you need to do in Excel can all go together, so once you put your mind in “Excel mode”, you don’t have to pull yourself out of that headspace for some completely different task. Same goes for social media. If you gather up all your tasks that have to do with social media, maybe writing posts or autogenerating posts using Lately’s autogenerator (*wink*)

Those two tips alone will for sure make your days more organized. Using them will help make you more efficient than ever! But these aren’t the only tips Mike had to share with us. You can get info on how he schedules his life by listening to his episode of Lately Live here:

More About Mike Vardy:

Mike describes productivity as the marriage of intention and attention. The idea that you’re going to spend more time doing the right things, which in turn means you are being productive. He has reimagined the world of productivity. You can shop the amazing books by Mike here: And also, check out his website to learn even more about his movement!

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