Infographics + Social Media – When How Your Message LOOKS Matters – Lately Live with Brian Wallace and Kate Bradley Chernis

Lately CEO Kate Bradley Chernis and Infographic WIZARD Brian Wallace sit down to talk allll things infographics. We all know how hard it is to GET and KEEP people’s attention, and a good infographic does it marrrrrrrrvelously. If you haven’t already mastered the art of infographics (or think you could use some advice from one of the best) this is for you!

If you’re not using infographics already, you’re missing out! Unlike blogs or long (maybe boring) articles, they can grab people's attention and KEEP IT… which is the most important part. In an online world SO saturated with content, infographics can really stand out. I mean, why read a massive article when you have a flashy infographic PACKED with data? When choosing between the two, it seems like a no-brainer which one comes out on top. Brian Wallace is basically the king of infographics, so you’re gonna want to listen to the tips he has (hint: they’re gold).

Struggle with Writing RBF?

Look, some of us have an in-person RBF, where people think we’re rude or standoffish when it's just how our face is! But writing RBF is real AND is something that Kate says she has struggled with, that's where infographics can help by injecting some more personality into your posts! So you can kick that writing RBF to the curb! Or just keep it for your in-person life so people think you’re cool and intimidating.

Things like emojis or cool fonts can be GREAT visual separators, making it easier and more appealing for people to want to read what you have to say. It’s helpful to break up a long chunk of text with a few emojis or some interesting font just so people’s eyes don’t get bored, causing them to click off. Truth is, people don’t usually just pick an article and start reading it. Most often, people read the title, maybe they skip to the middle or end and scope it out to see if reading it’s worth their time. So getting people to want to make that time commitment is crucial! Make them want to put down Tik Tok or Twitter just to fully focus on what you have to say.

That’s where infographics have the upper hand because people actually don’t read them like they would a regular blog post, they are read like a choose your own adventure book. With lots going on, it’s easier to let your eyes dart around and consume data and stories in a fun way that isn't just scrolling down a boring article. After all, people are busy! Infographics don’t waste their time and they have the freedom to skip over any piece of info they don’t find interesting.

A New Illness Sweeping the Nation: BCIS

What does BCIS stand for? Basic Crap Ideas Syndrome… And it's DEADLY.

People often succumb to this disease, trying to push out totally crap ideas and not trying at all to think outside of the box. One problem Brian highlights is that people often try to gather data first and then create a story out of that data… BORING. You need to find a compelling story FIRST and then find the data that supports that story. After all, there is data to back up everything!

And hey, not every idea is going to be a home run, and the companies that do have the incredible one liners and taglines have MASSIVE teams behind them. So don’t stress too much about the content you’re pushing out, and don’t compare it to the big name companies.

Kate and Brian talk about WAAAY more than just this though, they go into how to keep zoom attention and all about the impacts of fame. So don’t walk - RUN on over to their Lately Live to get the full scoop. Are you running? You better be running.

More about Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace is the founder of NowSourcing which is a top rated (and AWARD WINNING) infographic agency. Their clients range from Twitter, to Microsoft, Pepsico, and even Time… ever heard of them? He also stars on the South by Southwest advisory board and the Google Small Business Advisory Council. So he's a pretty big deal. Now that you know how awesome he is, you’re not gonna want to miss watching him on Lately Live with our very own CEO Kate Bradley Chernis. These two are dynamite! To learn more about Brian and NowSourcing, hop on to his website:

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