Let's Talk Turkey 🦃 (that's no yolk! 😜)

You spent hours cooking a big turkey dinner.

Friends, family, neighbors... everyone is seated around the table, ready to dig in.

Except for you. You're tired. You worked hard. You want it DONE.

... And SECRETLY, you know it will be better tomorrow, the next day, and the day after.

Flavors have time to set.

You've gotten some rest.

And who doesn't love LEFTOVERS???

Your content creation cycle needs to include leftovers.

Why? Can you say pool time? 🏖️



The problem most creators have is they aren't sharing their content ENOUGH. 👀👀

Neither do marketers or businesses big and small.

It requires so much effort to get your creations DONE that you tend to move on Far. Too. Soon.

Lately takes your content and creates delectable, bite-sized LEFTOVERS for your audience to enjoy again and again. 

All at the click of a button.

We even have a SUPER SWEET Hootsuite integration. 😏

Don't fall to the bottom of the feed.

Stay top-of-mind, increase engagement, and get more leads.

If you haven't tried Lately, why not try it for free? If you've fallen behind on content repurposing, it's never too late to get back on that horse. 🐴

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