Natasha Miller of Fascinating Entrepreneurs Featuring Lately CEO Kate Bradley Chernis Lately: The Future of Social Selling - How Lately Changed Social Selling Forever

It’s not every day you get to talk about a company that is at the forefront of a new wave of technology. And not to toot our own horn, but Lately is that company! Toot toot! We got a chance to chat with the amazing Natasha Miller about all things Lately, Social Selling, and just life in general!

Lately CEO, Kate Bradley Chernis, doesn’t have what some would call a “conventional” job history. Starting off as an XM radio host, her work in a very male dominated workforce unknowingly prepared her to take on the business world. Her journey speaks to why listening to your gut is SO important, so stay tuned if you think you need to hear some of that advice. We all do, at some point or another!

What Ignoring Fate Can Do

Have you ever REALLY hated a job? Dragging your feet as you walk in, crying before every shift, complaining 24/7 kinda hate? Well, has your body ever started physically shutting down because of your job?

That’s what happened to Kate. With copious amounts of gaslighting and sexual harrassment filling her day-to-day life as a radio host, her body began to shut down due to all the stress. The universe seemed to be banging on her door, even though she refused to answer it.

As fate would have it, right after her father shook a crying Kate and said, “you can’t work for other people. And there's no shame in that.”, she met her first angel investor and got her first $50,000.

Weird how the universe works, right?

After Kate started marketing consulting for the National Disability Institute in DC, she was put on the Walmart account. Here, she created a master spreadsheet of all of the people involved with Walmart so her brain could better understand what she had to do. The project ultimately got Walmart 130% ROI year over year for 3 years. Impressive, right?

This would soon become the skeleton of Lately.

Then Lately Was Born

With a name that comes from the phrase, “what have you done for me Lately?”...a lot better than the first name Kate came up with, Cloud MRM… totally not sexy.

Kate teamed up with co-founder Steve Blood, who said that in his many years of experience he's never met a company who is any good at marketing at all, and that Kate seems to really hone in on a piece that no one is addressing. Stating that they only need $25,000 to build wireframes and automate Kate’s master spreadsheets from Walmart, they got started.

They then met Steve Blood, who gathered up 25k. And ever since then, they’ve gotten punched in the face every day for 7 years. Sounds fun, right?

What Lately Can Do For You

Lately instantly connects to all of your social channels (that you let us connect to, of course). The A.I. looks for the highest engaging posts and looks up all the words, phrases, and sentence structure that made up the posts.

We build our own writing model based on what we already know works for you, and then we have to learn. How do we learn? YOU teach us!

You feed the artificial intelligence longform content, whether it's a blog post, press release, video, or even a transcription for a podcast. Then all ya gotta do is push a button and BAM. You have dozens of A.I. generated social media posts with video snippets attached.

Why is this so amazing, because with a push of a button you just saved HOURS. Instead of staring at a blank screen, wondering what to type or if it will even be good enough, you have guaranteed super-posts ready to collect maximum engagement. Not only that, but you can use Lately to send new customers and viewers back to old blog posts or videos, and schedule out social posts for months in advance!

It’s like being a superhero, the world just gets a little bit easier for you.

But Lately ONLY WORKS, if a human is involved. We’re not at the self-driving-car level of technology, not just yet. While the folks at Lately like to say: 1 + 1 = 3, Natasha edits that to 1 + 1 = 64, because of the massive amount of social posts that Lately’s A.I. content creation software creates out of just one piece of material.

Because more is more, right?

Social Selling with Lately

Social selling is the most effective way to sell to someone, but it’s also the hardest!

While you could go door to door advertising your brand, using Lately makes that process a million times easier. You can do everything from the comfort of your bed, all you need is your brain and your laptop.

Lately is designed to give you the special posts, but adding a link to drive the traffic BACK to the original content, so there’s a clear directive! This not only helps you get the lead or the scale, but it also helps start a conversation.

And WOW is that better than having a door slammed in your face, now isn’t it?

When you're social selling, there's no shame in having a very clear objective and thinking ““what is it going to take to get this person to act for me?”. But you can do that without seeming obnoxiously eager. A simple question about the weather or where you live can begin to lay some common ground between you and who you’re marketing towards.

The bottom line with social selling, get them to touch SOME kind of human emotion; joy, fear, empathy, or sympathy. Once you do that, you’re golden!

Advice To Anyone Wanting to Start a SAAS Business

If you’re someone who wants to get started but has no background in business, tech, or engineering… Here's a few Kately tips for you.

  • Your gut is REALLY valuable, think of it like a weathervane.
  • If you’re up at night thinking and stressing about something, know that it’s true and that you have to address it, or it will eat you alive.
  • As a CEO, your stress matters. Because if you’re not functioning, no one else can function.
  • Wellness is MASSIVELY important, Kate has 9 people who keep her up on her wellness. If that doesn’t convince you on it’s importance, we don’t know what will. 
  • Get ready for highs and lows, get ready to be hit with bombs and have to rebuild, get ready to deal with the good and the bad. 

Get a Massive Head Start

Don’t ignore what fate has for you, request a demo today and start seeing what Lately can do for you! 

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