Owned, Paid and... Customer Experience???? Robert Rose on the New Holy Trinity

Picture this: you’re sitting on hold for hours, getting thrown from one employee, just sitting there wondering HOW this company's customer service could be so horrible. We’ve all been there. Customer experience is absolutely everything when it comes to your business. How you treat a customer at all stages of their journey will help them along the path to becoming fully loyal and evangelized.

How Do I Make Someone Fall in Love with Me?

Ok not literally, but if you were looking for a literal answer… I’d have to say food. 

Back to marketing, one main question you want to be focusing on, is “how do you deliver value to your customer at every interaction?” You want to evolve WITH your customer, and ease them through the process of becoming a customer and eventually developing brand loyalty without having to hold their hand and physically guide them to each step. 

And it’s easier to get customers evangelized than you might think! If you simply blow their minds with your product or service, it isn’t that hard to become a fan. Maybe that’s singular to Lately… but that’s been our experience. *toots our own horn* toot toooooooooot.

The Purpose of a Business is to Create a Customer… Or is it?

What IS a customer? Can a customer be someone who is a huge fan of you, who interacts with all social posts, and spreads the word about you to their friends? Or does a customer HAVE to be someone who pays for the product or service?

Even if you get someone interested in your product but they can’t afford it right now that does NOT mean you both wasted your time! The people who aren’t “technically” customers but who still spread the word about how incredible your brand is do SO MUCH good in generating future leads and customers. Be sure to give them some love too. 

People can evangelize the product or service and can be monetized without EVER actually becoming a “paying customer”. So utilize those helpful hands to benefit you, baby! 

All in all, if you find people who believe in what you’re doing, even if they can’t financially support you they’ll find other ways. 

More About Robert Rose

Robert Rose is the founder and chief troublemaker for the Content Marketing Institute's Content Advisory. He’s counselled some of the BIGGEST brands (ever heard of… Facebook?). And he has a book! Called Killing Marketing, it rewrites the rules of marketing to help you turn marketing cost into profit. Order the book here: OR learn more about him and all of the amazing work he does at his website:

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