Repurpose Your Live Streams to Double Up on Engagement - Christian Karasiewicz of Launch Your Live Podcast Interviews Kately from Lately.AI

Everyone wants more bang for their buck, right? ANYTHING that saves time, money and effort! These days, we’re often too busy to sit down and watch things live. When it comes to streaming, repurposing valuable content is paramount to your success. Our Lately CEO Kate Bradley Chernis sat down with Christian Karasiewicz to talk about how to turn your longform content … evergreen. Because “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” isn’t’ just about saving the planet.

In the streaming world, people usually finish their event and they’re off to plan the next one, but they don’t think about the potential to repurpose events/talks/projects etc. If we spend a little time we can create a second life for content and get a LOT more out of our effort, plus share the nuggets of information over and over!

What Does it Mean to Repurpose Your Live Streams?

Think of every piece of long form content you create, whether it's a video or a blog. Think of it like garlic. What does this mean? Well, you have to work really hard to get the “wrapper” off, chop it up into little teeny pieces and then even getting it off the knife can be a challenge. So since you worked so hard to chop each little piece, you can't let one go, you’ve got to get it all into the pan.

So you really want to make sure that you get the most out of the effort that you put in because if not, it’s a waste.

Repurposing content is like getting every little piece of garlic into the pan. If you transcribe a podcast and come up with 40 cool one-liners, you can drip feed them for however long you need to via your social channels. This is how you exponentially amplify engagement and increase ROI from your work.

Why You Should Be Repurposing Video Content?

You get SO much bang for your buck when you repurpose. GaryVee has been preaching the pillar method for ages. He even created a Twitter channel that's fueled 100% by Lately and NOTHING else! Well, except a 12000% increase in engagement. Who doesn’t want that?

That’s 12,000%. That’s the difference between doing it and not doing it.

Everyone should be repurposing.

One form of content that does REALLY well when it comes to repurposing is webinars. They’re usually full of awesome one-liners and have prompts that allow for easily shareable moments. How To videos or “tips and tricks” video content absolutely kills it out in the interwebs of social. This is the sort of content that the likes A.I. to play with and finds pretty easy.

So What Actually Is A.I.?

Artificial intelligence is a learning machine that takes over some of the writing process. Don't worry. It’s nothing scary. In reality if A.I. content generation software was a human life it would act like a three month old baby.

Like babies, artificial intelligence has to learn from humans. With Lately, the A.I. content creation software studies every social channel you link to the platform. It assesses all your analytics and individual posts with the highest engagement, then builds a writing model based on what it has learned from what your audience responds to MOST. When you feed it longform content (like podcasts or livestreams) the A.I. content generation software applies that writing model to freshly generated posts.

We look for those one-liners based on the words, key phrases and sentence structures we already see getting those wins. For that to work, we actually require you, the human, to go through everything that the A.I. produces and to contextualize it.

Why? Because artificial intelligence content creation is pretty good, but its job is only to get you 80% of the way there. The human must get it all the way home because that's the difference. It's not 1 + 1 = 2,  it's 1 + 1 = 3, because together that's that magic that happens. That's why Gary gets a 12,000% increase in engagement.

That’s why we only use Lately to market ourselves and drive lead generation. That’s why we have a 98% sales conversion. It's because humans paired with A.I. make the magic happen.

Why Did You Build Lately?

When Kate had her marketing agency, she built that spreadsheet system for Walmart back in the day and got them 130% ROI year over year for three years. A friend introduced her to Steve Blood, who kept pestering her about getting a look at her spreadsheets. He explained that we could automate the spreadsheet system and we can turn them into wireframes. We just needed $25,000 to do it.

Steve took the $25,000 out of his own pocket and brought on soon-to-be co-founder Jason to build the wireframes.

That was seven years ago. Lately has been in the market for about 3.5 years and on the market as an A.I. content generation platform for only about a year and a half because we kept learning from what our customers wanted and needed.

At the beginning, we didn’t know what we had built exactly or even what we were building. We had to listen to all of YOU to tell us and help us understand what was that real point? What was the value that we were providing?

Lately: The Netflix of A.I.

The idea of repurposing is to give people the ability to digest your content when they want to, not live in the moment but at their will later. Just like streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or Spotify, you can always binge content at your leisure and not stress about missing anything!

Lately also allows you to target people with all different sorts of values and interests by making so many social posts you can target each of the different audiences you reach.

Take a piece of the repurposing pie and get a taste of Lately today by scheduling a demo!

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