Robots are boring 🤖 (be human 😏)

Stop with the uptight, made-for-the-masses, whitewashed messaging. Puhleeeze. 🙄

Hello! Human over here! 👋 Talk to me.

After all, people connect with people.

Not companies, brands, or logos.

Ditch the one-size fits all megaphone approach and imagine that you’re writing for a single person. Someone you know and like – someone you’d want to be.

Then, write for them specifically and, most importantly, conversationally.

My favorite trick?

Ann Handley and I touched on it in a recent Lately Live: write like you talk.

Ann Handley How to Level-Up Your Writing and Make It Ludicrously Spectacular

Think contractions, colloquialisms, vernacular...

Heck, get REAL wild, strip off that school-marm grammar corset and start a sentence with “And.”

I DARE you.

Because when you let your audience know that there’s a real live human being behind your messaging, you spark emotion, engagement, trust and, yes, sales 😉.


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