Tying the Pieces of Life Together, with Carol Clegg of Connect, Inspire, Create: Conversations for Women Entrepreneurs - Featuring Lately CEO Kate Bradley Chernis

No one thinks that being a CEO is easy… but some of us struggle to realize HOW HARD it really is. Lately CEO Kate Bradley Chernis is able to spill the beans on the challenges of running a revolutionary startup, company culture, and the path that got her to where she is today (from rock n’ roll DJ to badass tech CEO).

Everyone’s journey to success is different, but it’s safe to say that some people have more “unorthodox” journeys than others. We can all learn a few things from each other's journeys and Kate’s past is one that is filled with a few more life lessons than most.

The Past

Kate’s last gig was broadcasting to 20 million (yes, with an M) listeners on Sirius XM. While you may think that this has absolutely nothing to do with becoming a startup CEO, you would in fact be very mistaken. Sorry to break that news to ya.

One massive part of being a rock n’ roll radio DJ is to make the listener feel like you're on a journey with the DJ and that you are given a voice, even though you don't hold the mic. This sort of parasocial relationship plays a massive part in cultivating relationships with audiences via social media. Making people feel included in conversations is the first step in getting incredible engagement, duh!

The world of radio wasn’t all nice life lessons and fun music, it sucked. Big time.

In the midst of a competitive and highly dramatic workplace, sexual harassment ran rampant. Before things like the #MeToo Movement, or even before the phrase “hostile work environment” even existed - Kate tried to exist in an environment that was slowly killing her.

And we don’t mean figuratively, she was in a wheelchair or on crutches for a year and a half. She was physically unable to type without experiencing severe pain and was then discriminated against for having an unseen illness. The stress was compounding, and slowly crushing her. Something needed to change.

Kate was taught a short, but liberating phrase, “this isn’t working”. And after saying that out loud and feeling the weight finally lift off, she was ready to make that change.

How Lately Works

Lately is the only social media platform that creates content for you with the power of Artificial Intelligence. The ONLY.

When you connect your social accounts to Lately, we examine your analytics for a year and we update what we learn EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Because robots don’t need to rest. It looks at words, keywords, phrases, and sentence structures of social posts that got you the highest engagement. And we build a writing model based on what we learn, fast-tracking you to success.

You can feed the A.I. video, audio, or text. It will take that, apply the writing model and look for all the things that will get you the highest engagement - AKA the most eyeballs and ears. In case of video, the A.I. content creation software will pull out video clips that match with the best quotes. So you’ll get dozens (or even HUNDREDS) of A.I. generated social media posts designed to promote your content in just a few minutes. It’s like magic, but better.

Think about how many hours you spend (especially for you solopreneurs out there) trying to talk to your audience. The bottom line is that building trust is absolutely imperative. And Lately’s AI content generation software looks into the keywords that will tap into that trust, so you get to curate it.

And Now, Some Neuroscience

You remember that Kate was a DJ in her past life, but you might not have known that the neuroscience of music is actually built into Lately’s DNA. Truth is, when your brain listens to a new song and tries to process it, it instantly accesses every older song you've ever heard before, pulling up emotion, memory nostalgia, and it's looking for familiar touch points. Your brain does this to try and index the new song into your brain’s memory.

The same thing happens when you read text. Not convinced? We’ll break it down. You’re reading this right now, and you hear a voice, right? Every voice has a frequency, like a musical note. So Lately’s A.I. content generation tools makes sure that the writing translates your voice that keys into those familiar touch points that bring out emotion, nostalgia, and memory.

THAT creates trust and that is what makes people buy.

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

If you think it’s hard to take a vacation and you’re NOT a CEO… you don’t know the half of it!

For Kate, taking a (much needed) vacation is hard but completely necessary. To get the full rest and relaxation she says that you need to turn your phone off and leave your team in charge, as scary as that may seem they can handle a LOT without you. (That is, if your team is as awesome as ours).

So where does the phone go? OFF. And not touched again until after the vacation. We know, sounds impossible but it's not! Kate says that she’s actually pretty good at this part because of how much money she’s already spent on making the vacation happen!

When it comes to work, you do it ahead of time. When she goes away now, she sees that her team prepares to get everything in tip top shape for when she gets back. It’s nice to see that the wheel still turns.

Final Words of Wisdom

Listen to your gut. Your gut is extremely intelligent ESPECIALLY for women. Women’s guts have the potential to make actual lives so there's so much wisdom there. SO many women have great knowledge that they typically ignore, and it’s time to stop that.

And realize when things aren’t working, and that it can be totally ok! The phrase “this isn’t working” could help you as much as it helped Kate.

Special thanks to Carol Clegg for chatting with our Kate about such important topics! We only touched on a tiny bit of it, so if you'd like to hear more (and you should), click here. And if you would like to test out how Lately can help you (which you also should), click here

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