Using Omni-Analytics to Boost your Social Marketing Campaigns

When you’re not regularly using social analytics, you can have a hard time working out whether your business is sinking or swimming online. If someone hits you up with questions about your Facebook marketing strategy, top performing tweets, whether your Instagram stories are generating traffic and leads, ideally you don’t want to meet them with a blank ‘WTF’ expression.

Social analytics tools give you the ability to measure your social clout and see if your content is making a splash.

There’s a giant treasure trove of info that you can get your hnds on. Neglecting it means a ton of valuable data can lay by the wayside…and the wayside is not a good place to be y’all.

Start swotting over your socials and you’ll be an analytics super-nerd in no time. Cue Lately’s Omni-Analytics.

Omni-Analytics = Badass

Omni-Analytics offer a particularly nifty way to lock-down on your socials. You can look across multiple channels, websites, data-points and track trends all at once. Getting to know more about customer preferences, likes and dislikes through omni-analytics allow you to adjust, tweak and improve your social marketing strategy.

Instantly see all of your analytics in a single, whole-picture view by pulling your data. Click through any data point to see the content published that day in microscopic analytic detail…that’s a whooooole lot of detail.

And Omni-Analytics really does give you a distinct advantage when getting to grips with socials. Analyzing separate channels by using a whole host of random pieces of software can give you a limited and incomplete view of your data and a headache!

Comparing and cross-referencing different data sources from your channels gives you more of a 360 degree look at campaign performance and audience reception. You’ll also save lots of time and money by toggling between campaigns and channels using one dashboard, instead of endless subscriptions and sign-ins on other tools.

What should you pay attention to?

Imagine a user-friendly, simple way to toggle through different metrics that present you with analytics that show you how your campaign’s going. You can dig down and look at granular detail that gives you data to work with across channels. Sounds pretty darn awesome, right?

Lately’s Omni-Analytics will export data-points for Impressions, Content Share, Keywords, Top Posts and more to help you to understand what your audience are thinking and the type of content they’re enjoying. Your content strategy can be directly informed by stone-cold data goodness, that will boost its value.

You can also look at time variables – when are people posting, when are your audience more alert and where do your tribe hang out most online? Check Time of Week and Time of Day to notice trends. This will give your content the best chance at winning over your customers.

Just because Facebook and Twitter are massive, it doesn’t necessarily mean your content performs best there or your audience gravitate towards these spaces. Specific Channel Performance gives you the chance to concentrate on building awareness and traffic on smaller networks – data can be utilized to focus more on social networks that are working for you and give less weight to ones that don’t.

You’ll also be able to improve interaction with your audience by working with influencers or engaging with customers that provide a lot of social traction – Top Influencers, Top Authors and Top Referrers will show you who’s interacting with your content and gives you an opportunity to build on that relationship.

Keeping a close eye on social analytics means that instead of running costly campaigns that don’t work out, you can use real-time data to make changes if things aren’t working. This can help your business budget-wise in the long-term, as it creates points of intervention for you to switch focus or create something new. And you can monitor this by tracking Mentions and Hashtags across channels.

Final Thoughts

There are loads of benefits to using social analytics in your social marketing strategy. Omni-Analytics are especially awesome at giving short-term and long-term improvements by allowing you to intelligently use data to look across channels and campaigns in one big whole-picture swoop.

Take out the guesswork and use data to inform your content, choices and overall strategy – try out Omni-Analytics with Lately today.

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