Hi. Let’s talk about the weather.

Because “the weather” while a wee bit old-school, is still the raddest tool in your kit for connecting with humans. And here at Lately HQ, humans make our world – and our A.I. – go ‘round.

The Story

Once upon a time, there was a rock 'n roll dj, broadcasting to 20 million listeners a day for Sirius/XM. And she learned how to turn listeners into fans (a.k.a. customers into evangelists) by tapping into old-school trigger points and tying them together with new ideas.

That was our CEO, Kate, back in the day.

Then Kate started a marketing agency and used the same methodology with words and an overwhelming amount of (ugh) spreadsheets for then-client, Walmart.

Well, not just Walmart. It was a partnership between Walmart, United Way Worldwide, National Disability Institute, and tens of thousands of local, small business and nonprofit affiliates.

With Kate’s system, they achieved a 130%, three year, year-over-year ROI.

In fact, Kate found similar success with all of her clients, regardless of industry or company size. So, along with one heckuva team, she created Lately to automate the whole kit and caboodle with A.I.

Vision statements are usually dumb. Except this one.

Lately helps humans write better marketing content in collaboration with artificial intelligence and software automation. (That collaboration part is key, btw. And is the basis of everything we do.)

Leading by example is core to our product and our belief. We walk the talk. And we walk it, together.

Because Lately is a community. We see ourselves as an extension of our customers' marketing teams and we prioritize relatability and listening so they see us as not A.I.-powered software but as humans. We actively try to get to know each and every one of them and make ourselves available for them to get to know us.

Most importantly, we emphasize these beliefs internally, as well. Authenticity through honesty, collaboration, productive dialogue and a genuine desire to solve problems together is our lifeblood. As we are a community to our customers, we are also a community to ourselves; we recognize the magnitude of the journey we're on and rely upon each other to both acknowledge successes and work through challenges.

Together, in partnership with our customers, we’re growing Lately into a new evolution of social media software that humans truly love. 

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“Before Lately, social media was a weak point for me to do super consistently – because I didn’t have the time and didn’t want to sound dumb or boring. Now I have confidence because Lately takes the pressure off and makes me sound smart!”
Alicia Jimenez
Senior Vice President, Global Head of Technology & Platform Services Delivery, SAP