If you are a channel switching rockstar, Lately’s Parent Dashboards can help you keep those platforms organized.

David Beckford

Creative Director, Dynasty TV


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David and Dynasty TV

David Beckford is the Creative Director of Dynasty TV, a St. Louis based collective of media and marketing partners working together to produce original programming airing in local and national markets. David delivers quality and original work and guarantees customer satisfaction. Working as a Creative Director for over 20 years has given David and his colleagues considerable amount of experience in effectively promoting the organizations they work with.

Dynasty TV has over 85 show hosts, individual producers, broadcasters and more. Being responsible for over 200 social media channels can be overwhelming and intimidating.

David decided to start using Lately in order to wrangle together social media scheduling, publishing, tasks, analytics and more – across all of his clients’ channels.

Why David chose Lately

Lately helps to track and organize social media for clients on multiple platforms. David set up a “Parent Dashboard” that assists with pushing content out to multiple "child" dashboards, while keeping everything organized in once centralized place. This saves David tons of time, which allows him to create better and more effective content.

In addition to these factors, David also needed Lately to meet the following criteria:

  • Monitor Marketing Strategies From the Top-Level Down: From the Top-Level Down: Eliminate trickle-down lag time, automatically put policies into play and monitor directives with 100% visibility of marketing teams of any size, across numerous locations, all from one place.
  • Enforce Key Messaging, Company-Wide: Instantly coordinate, control and enforce company-wide, multi-channel messaging from a single, central location. Automatically check for mistakes and course-correct across multiple outlets.
  • See Which Division Performs Best: Cross-compare tactics, messaging, key performers and analytics across multiple campaigns, brands, locations or employee channels and replicate successes in just a few clicks.
  • Keep Absolutely Everyone on the Same Page: Invite unlimited marketing team members, contractors and consultants to collaborate. Specify roles and permissions, from publishing to approvals to view-only and more.

David Beckford, owner of a parent dashboard for a little over 5 months is a true Lately super star! He owns 17 dashboards, has 214 social media channels connected to his Lately account, and has scheduled over 21,000 content posts to be posted through Lately. Wow!

You can watch an interview with David by clicking here.

The ‘stickiness’ of Lately to me is that the more I use the Social Post Autogenerator, combined with the RSS feeds feature and Chrome Extension, the greater my distribution is increased.”
David Beckford
Creative Director, Dynasty TV

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