Our messaging is more consistent, on-brand, and organized with Lately.

Shirley Fenlason

Marketing Manager, National Non-Profit Website


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Shirley + National Non-Profit Website

Shirley Fenlason is the Marketing Manager at a national non-profit website, that provides comprehensive, relevant, and personalized workforce information tools and resources. Her non-profit serves job seekers, students, workers, workforce intermediaries, and employers to enhance their employment opportunities.

Shirley made the decision to move away from their existing social scheduler tool which she found very clunky and dated. It wasn’t getting better. Over the years, the functionality and the platform remained static.

Before trialing Lately, Shirley said to her colleague, “I hope it knocks my socks off.” Recently, she told us, “And my socks were just kicked out of the ballpark. It had so many features that were so helpful, and it's saving time.”

Why Shirley chose Lately

Lately assists Shirley in staying consistent with messaging. Lately automatically organizes and stores all of the non-profit’s most important keywords, taglines, elevator pitches, team bios, hashtags and more in one place, to help keep them on message. Lately automatically checks what Shirley writes for consistency as she writes it.

With Lately, Shirley is also single-handedly able to:

  • Repurpose blogs, press releases, newsletters, white papers and other evergreen content by automatically parsing them into dozens of pre-hashtagged and pre-shortlinked social media posts.
  • Automatically store and organize all the content Shirley creates for easy reference and reuse. Search by keyword or phrase and sort by channel, account, post date, approval status or whether or not social posts have been drafted, scheduled or published.
  • Automatically publish blog posts, podcasts, news articles or any other RSS feed to all of our social media channels.
  • Identify and tag campaigns with names, colors and a brief description and then filter any Dashboard by Campaign Tag so it’s easy to focus, compare or contrast.
  • Automatically organize all logos, images, colors, RGB and Hex codes in one place. Add font guidelines and assign different Style Guides to different campaigns.

In addition to Lately’s features, Shirley chose Lately because of the tremendous customer success team. She mentioned, “The communication has been stellar. And Lately is really open to feedback. They want the product to be better.” Shirley watches Lately’s “wonderful” weekly office hours in order to further maximize her experience using Lately.

Shirley, a Lately user for almost a year, said, “The effectiveness of Lately can’t be understated. It maximizes time, and makes social media management easy. It’s intuitive and user friendly.”

When I had my first Lately demo scheduled I thought ‘I hope it knocks my socks off. I‘m not counting on that.’ And my socks were just kicked out of the ballpark.”
Shirley Fenlason
Marketing Manager, National Non-Profit Website

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