How to Position Anything

Ep 01 – Family

Everyone has a set of core values: whether you’re big on family, loyalty, or personal growth - you have things that are IMPORTANT to you. What marketers often fail to realize (and this is where big companies are slacking hard!) is that marketing based on value is waaaay more beneficial than marketing based on age or gender. That's what David Allison’s Value Graphics are all about.

Family Matters

Family as a value is number ONE in tons of countries, it is number one for all of North America. So it would be a pretty safe bet to start shifting your marketing towards family values and away from the antique way of looking at “millennials” or “gen x”.

How do you do this, you ask? It’s easier than you think. Our AI goddess Kate Bradley Chernis proposes the idea that you have a Karate Dojo, and you want to appeal to the family value to get more people in. You could start out with family karate lessons! Or highlight that your classes are family friendly or even “all ages” so the whole family could attend if they want.

Anything that gets people to think: “this is good for my family” is GOOD. That’s how you crush it!

Or let's look at something closer to home - Lately! By simply stating the fact that by using Lately, you spend less time at the computer and more time with your family appeals to people who value family above all.

Want More?

Take a peak at Kate and David’s 10 minute chat here: And come back every month to get another quick look into ONE of the 56 values people have! Want a fast track to all 56 values without the wait? David’s book has it all:

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