How to Position Anything

Ep 02 – Relationships

Do YOU care about relationships? No not romantic relationships and not familial relationships either! Someone that values relationships loves those trips to the grocery store 5 minutes down the road to visit their favorite cashier. Or the relationship they have with the receptionist at their doctors office. Those small interactions can be really valuable to people!

And the data says that those relationships ARE important. Relationships are the second most important value across the entire world. So unless you are an alien (and if you are… hi please don’t hurt us) you probably want to start appealing to the masses!

How do you cultivate relationships? Let’s use the example given to us by our lovely Lauren and David Allison: grocery stores. You would want to make sure that your employees can recognize the faces of the regulars. The more conversation started by employees - the faster those relationships are cultivated.

Another idea is to invite regulars (maybe those who are in a certain reward program) to your grocery store (or insert whatever business you have!) and let the people interact - now cultivating relationships with each other AND employees.

Those relationships that some could think of as insignificant mean SO much to so many.

Want the full scoop?

Lately’s Lauren Turow and David Allison packed so much knowledge into a short 10 minutes. Listen here to soak up alllll the greatness:

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