How to Position Anything

Ep 03 – Personal Growth

73% of the United States population list personal growth as being an important value. 73%! That’s huge. It’s ranked as number 4 across the entire US - out of 56.

Truth is - people want to improve themselves. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually - people want to be better. In marketing, it’s easier than you think to appeal to this value to make people realize your product/service will trigger some personal growth within them. As long as you let people know that your “thing” will make them a better version of themselves tomorrow - you’re golden.

Let’s take a home improvement business, improvement is in the NAME. You could convey that buying a couch will make them feel better - it’s comfortable, it’ll make their home life better, and will make them feel more productive and better about themself in general.

People don’t care about the product itself. New flashy features or benefits aren’t as exciting as most brands think. The ONLY thing people care about is what your product will do for them. It’s that simple!

And hey, not sure what your customers value? The best way to figure that out is: ask.

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