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Ep 05 – Loyalty

Did you know that around HALF of the American population values loyalty? Well now ya know! Kate Bradley Chernis and David Allison break that down:

So loyalty can come in all shapes and sizes - from brand loyalty, product loyalty, loyalty to people, or even loyalty to rituals. People can be loyal in tons of different ways! One thing that people who value loyalty HATE is change. These are the types of people who value looooong term relationships and they could even be collectors.

Say you just bought a rug, a company appealing to your sense of loyalty could say, “Hey! We have this chair that would go AMAAAZING with that rug. It’s from the same company and comes from the same part of the world.”

Or let’s say you took a course on basic photography, that company could call you and ask what you appreciated and what you learned, they might even ask why you took it. If you told them about their aspirations as a landscape photographer, they could show you that they actually have a few courses that would help them further their knowledge. Hey - maybe they would throw in a coupon or a free class!

For people who value loyalty, a thank you goes a longgggg way. Any special treatment or nice words will be appreciated and will validate their loyalty. But the question is… how do you know if your customer is loyal?

That’s easy! JUST ASK. Asking questions will help you pick the brains of your customers to get to know them and their values better. Two questions David poses are, “if you just won the lottery, why would you give HALF of it away?” and “what would you say to yourself 10 years in the past and 10 years in the future?” The better you understand your customers, the better you will be at appealing to their values.

Here’s a Question - Want to Learn More?

Let’s assume that answer was a resounding HELL YEAH! Well have no fear, Kate Bradley Chernis and David Allison are here (every month to give you a new important value breakdown - might I add)!

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