How to Position Anything

Ep 06 – Happiness

HAPPINESS! One of the 56 values that we all have in our lives motivating us to do everything we do. Surprisingly, happiness isn’t as important as we think. It was ranked 32nd on the list of 56 things. Wild, isn’t it? Now pick your jaw up off the floor and let's look deeper. 

A bit of a bummer, right? If we apply it to a product, let’s say gummy bears. You would want to say, “there is NOTHING in this world better than a big mouthful of gummy bears” and 27% of the world’s population would say “That is what I’m looking for!” Or you could think of the old slogan “have a Coke and a smile” - that appeals directly to happiness.

Or let’s take something Kate Bradley Chernis loves - warm fluffy towels. To appeal to the happiness value, the company would want to say “what makes you happier than a warm, fluffy towel after a nice shower? Buy our bundles of happiness!” 

Let’s work together to boost up this value, the world needs a bit more happy don’t ya think?

Learn Some More About Happy:

The wonderfully talented David Allison teams up with Lately’s own Kate Bradley Chernis every month to break down a new value for your listening ears! Who would want to miss out on that? Catch the full video here:

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