How to Position Anything

Ep 07 – Creativity

CREATIVITY! Everyone loves being creative, right? Well… not everyone, but a lot nonetheless. Just about 44% of North America finds creativity to be an important value. And it is ranked at 18th in the world!

Creativity is huge, and it’s different to what you may be thinking about now. Sure, painting is creative, so is fine art or dancing or gardening. But have you ever considered math as creative? Some people definitely do! So break that old way of thinking - because waaaaay more things fit the value of creativity than just art.

As always, Kate Bradley Chernis provides Valuegraphics wizard David Allison with a scenario for him to appeal to the value of the month. So let's talk about creativity in terms of chocolate! Say you’re an online retailer of chocolate… How would you make your service more creative?

You could create a product where EVERYTHING is customizable. Ingredients, flavors, packaging colors/patterns, size of the chocolate. Market it as the most creative chocolate on EARTH. That way people know that if they want to get their creative juices flowing and get a sweet treat, they should go to your brand.

Want Another Sweet Treat?

Watch the full video to see what goodness Kate and David come up with this month. Every month a new value is discussed, taking you one step closer to the new way of marketing and away from the old and tired form of demographics… yuck!

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