How to Position Anything

Ep 08 – Environmentalism

Mother Earth, she’s pretty important don’t ya think? What was once seen as a behavior has in recent years bloomed into a whole value, with 25% of the whole world valuing it.

Which country ranks environmentalism the highest? It’s our nice friends over in Canada, of course! With the good old U.S. of A right behind at number two. People who rank environmentalism high usually have a high level of personal responsibility, which Kate Bradley Chernis and David Allison have already spoken about. Kate brings up the fact that lots of mothers usually value environmentalism because of their drive to make this planet a better place for their children.

A reason why environmentalism is not higher on the big list of 56 values could be that it is always tied to another value. Those who value environmentalism don’t even rank it high in their lists. But one thing most of them do rank highly is the feeling of belonging. Belonging is HUGE for the environmentally engaged. See, the message of environmentalism is a little abstract, and not as clear cut as some of the others may be, so when appealing to this value you want to tie it to another to appeal to a greater audience.

Whether it is by finding products that use recycled materials, buy local groceries, or pay a little extra for furniture and appliances, be kind to our Mother Earth (she’s been through a lot).

Go Get ‘Em, Green Thumb!

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