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Ep 09 – Tradition

Hey Hey Hey! Do you love a good tradition? Maybe it’s making a special meal on Christmas Eve, going to the same restaurant for every birthday, or fighting over who breaks the wishbone at thanksgiving… and trust us, that fight can get deadly.

While traditions seem like no-brainers to some, they are actually less valued than you might think. Only about 14% of all Americans care about traditions! And while the U.S. ranks it the lowest of all the countries in the world, that’s still about 40 million people. And hey, wouldn’t you want 40 million customers?

During this time of social distancing and mask wearing, traditions have been disrupted quite a bit. The thing about it is, they don’t have to change THAT much. People who value traditions kept them going, instead of making a fancy meal for dozens, it shifted to just one or two.

So say you want to appeal to these tradition-oriented folks, if you run a pants company, (jeans, business pants, leggings, whatever you want) you’ll want to push how LONG the company has been around to the forefront. “Making pants since *insert date here*” should be shown to your audience on the front page of your website! You’ll also want to highlight where you get the material from in the world, is it a mom and pop shop in a remote village? Tell your customers that.

And you may be wondering, what are the three main questions I should ask to gain insight into what people's values are? Here’s the answer:

  • Why do you get up in the morning and go to work?
  • You just won the lottery, why did you give away half?
  • Write a letter to yourself 10 years ago, what would you say?

Using those three questions can give insight into thematic clusters and patterns, so get to it!

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