How to Position Anything

Ep 10 – Positivity

It’s such a beautiful day, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping… just the type of day that makes you wanna LEARN, right? Spring cleaning hack: throw out demographics and replace them with Valuegraphics! While demographics describes, Valuegraphics ACTIVATES.

35% of all Americans value positivity highly! That’s just over ⅓ - the rest are just Scrooges I guess (just kidding we love yall too). It’s a pretty safe bet to say that marketing towards people who value positivity will give you good results.

Lets throw out an example: Say you’re a company trying to sell gardening equipment. What’s more positive than flowers? Gardening will not only increase your mental health, but you will actually be able to CARE for and about something and watch your hard work pay off right before your eyes! 

So, little flower child, go out and GROW some positivity in your brand marketing! (How many flower puns can we try to include in this? Not nearly enough.)

Want More? Absolutely Positive-ly! (Get it?)

Master Marketers David Allison and Kate Bradley Chernis sit down once a month to get your brain filled with Valuegraphics goodness. David founded Valuegraphics to help brands learn more about their audience than just their age and their gender… because what does that actually tell us (hint: nothing). He joins Lately founder Kate Bradley Chernis to spread the love and teach you how to more effectively market.

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