Lately Live with Barbara Giamanco – Ditch the Pitch: How to Make Social Make Bank

Raise your hand if you automatically push sales calls to voicemail faster than a toupee in hurricane? Automatically delete emails with subject lines that include your name? Yep. Me too.

We’re on to you, sales pitches. 100.

As sales MEGASTAR Barbara Giamanco puts it:

Sales pitches = a signal to buyers that you add ZERO value to their business day. They #Ignore #Delete

But how do you pitch without, erm, pitching?

Not gonna lie. It takes mad skills. And we’ll hear all about them from the absolute BEST in the biz (no joke) Barbara Giamanco herself, on our next Lately Live.

Barbara Giamanco is a women in sales advocate/badass, helping companies attract more women in their sales ranks and advancing them into leadership roles. She’s also host of the podcast Conversations with Women in Sales – the only podcast dedicated to women in selling – and author of The New Handshake, the FIRST book written about social selling. Barbara is known globally as a top influential leader, speaker, blogger and expert in sales, leadership, social/digital selling and marketing and business by Top Sales World, LinkedIn and elsewhere.

I am THRILLED out of my yoga pants to know her and introduce her to you.

99% of Posts on Social Get ZERO Engagement. Don’t let that be you.