Dan Gingiss: The Most Powerful Marketing and Sales Tool is Right Under Your Nose (and Down the Hallway)

Customer Experience is everything. Great experience = shout from the rooftops. Crap experience = shout from the rooftops. Obvi, we all want great. But one of the most overlooked components to getting that “great” is empowerment of the people behind the product.

Are YOU leveraging your employees as part of Customer Experience? Time to light that shizzle up with our next Lately Live guest, Customer Experience SUPERSTAR Dan Gingiss.

Hot-in-demand international keynote speaker Dan Gingiss knows that remarkable customer experience is crucial to your BEST marketing. He’s led marketing teams in nearly every marketing channel — from direct mail to email to social media, for 20+ years. Dan’s also served in multiple customer service and customer experience leadership roles and has worked with too many of the most famous companies you can think of to even list!

You’d be silly to miss this. SILLY.

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