David Allison: How to Actually Build a Personal Brand that Makes Moolah

Personal brand masters like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Huda Kattan, the Kardashians, yada yada… didn’t get into the personal brand game for fame – there is madmoney to be had; which is why everything they do (or let you know they do) is craaaaaazy calculated. They’ve LEARNED what their audience wants to hear, see and read.

Which, if you want to actually build a personal brand that brings in the do-re-mi, is what you have to do, too.

Meet David Allison, whose company, Valuegraphics has collected hundreds of thousands of datasets that break down people typically influenced by personal brands into three categories:

  1. Loyalists – people who avoid change whenever they can, love rituals, routines and feeling secure.
  2. Adventurers – people who love risk, change and are the opposite of loyalists.
  3. Personal Growth Junkies – people who want to follow and learn from trustworthy teachers.

Join David and moi for the next Lately Live, where we’ll learn how to identify the values of your audience, what it means to truly speak their language and why it matters to your bank account.

David Allison. founded the Valuegraphics Database, the world’s first custom database that can predict and influence behavior.His bestselling book, We Are All The Same Age Now: The End Of Demographic Stereotypes was listed by INC

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