David Allison: Why Demographic-Based Marketing is Tanking Your Sales Strategy (and How to Fix it)

We all get stuck in old ways. But grouping people together by geography, race, age… You know… Demographics? That shizzle is beyond old. It’s just plain wrong and is actually hurting your business.

Enter Valuegraphics, the process of using data based on values, wants, needs and expectations to understand, target and communicate with customers 8x more effectively.


David founded the Valuegraphics Database, the world’s first custom database that can predict and influence behavior.

His bestselling book, We Are All The Same Age Now: The End Of Demographic Stereotypes was listed by INC Magazine as one of the top ten leadership books of the year, and Kirkus reviews called it a “genuinely authentic contribution to the field of marketing literature.”

This is groundbreaking stuff, folks. And you’d be silly to miss it.

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