How to Avoid “Virtual-Everything” Fatigue

The evolution of in-person to virtual has been underway for decades. Although, in the face of a global pandemic, the sudden onslaught of virtual meetings, events, networking, transactions, happy hours, meetups, etc. may have felt a wee bit sudden.

While multiple industries scramble to embrace how to serve seemingly everything up “virtual,” what are best practices to avoid over-doing it? And how do we, on the receiving end, survive it?

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Brian Fanzo is a digital futurist keynote speaker who translates the trends of tomorrow to inspire change today. His customized and personalized programs showcase real-world stories and examples of forward-thinking people and businesses. He teaches companies of all sizes how to leverage technology in real time in order to engage their customers at the right time. Brian has a gift for bringing people together online and offline. He has worked in 76 countries, highlighting his passion for change, collaboration, and technology.

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